Here are little cast profiles for bascially all of the cast members of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, well with the exception of some who I didn't have screen captures of, or I do and can't recognise or who weren't credited in the film. If I don't have profiles on them, they are marked with a * and the link goes straight to their IMDB listing. If they are marked with a it means they have a whole separate page to themselves. Most of them are on this page, but there are some that have separate pages because there was an abundance of information for them on the internet.

If you think there is something of vital importance that I have left out of one's profile or something you would like to add please email me at [email protected]. Please do the same if you were in any way involved with the film, it'll give me a little thrill for the day.

c r e d i t s   l i s t i n g

d i r e c t e d   b y

John Hughes

w r i t i n g   c r e d i t s

John Hughes  

c a s t

(in credits order)
Matthew Broderick .... Ferris Bueller
Alan Ruck .... Cameron Frye
Mia Sara .... Sloane Peterson
Jeffrey Jones .... Ed Rooney
Jennifer Grey .... Jeanie Bueller
Cindy Pickett .... Katie Bueller
Lyman Ward .... Tom Bueller
Edie McClurg .... Grace, the Principal's Secretary
Charlie Sheen .... Boy in Police Station
Ben Stein .... Economics Teacher
Modified MGB .... 1961 250GT California Ferrari
Rotweiller .... Bueller family dog
Del Close .... English Teacher
Virginia Capers .... Florence Sparrow
Richard Edson .... Garage Attendant
Larry Flash Jenkins .... Attendant's Co-Pilot
Kristy Swanson .... Economics Student (Simone Adler)
*Lisa Bellard .... Economics Student
Max Perlich .... Economics Student (Anderson)
Scott Coffey .... Economics Student
*Eric Saiet .... Shermerite
*Jason Alderman .... Shermerite
*Joey Garfield .... Shermerite
*Kristin Graziano .... Shermerite
*Bridget McCarthy .... Shermerite
*Anne Ryan .... Shermerite
*Eric Edidin .... Shermerite
*Brendan Babar .... Shermerite
*Tiffany Chance .... Shermerite
Jonathan Schmock .... Chez Quis Maitre'd
*Tom Spratley .... Men's Room Attendant
*Dave Silvestri .... Businessman
Debra Montague .... Girl in Pizza Joint
Joey Viera .... Pizza Man
Louie Anderson .... Flower Deliveryman
Stephanie Blake .... Singing Nurse
Robert McKibbon .... Balloon Man
Paul Manzanero .... Pumpkin Head
*Miranda Whittle .... Girl on Trampoline
Robert Kim .... Police Officer
*Dick Sollenberger .... Politician at Parade
*Bob Parkinson .... Minister at Parade
*Richard Rohrbough .... Minister at Parade
*Edward Le Beau .... Gym Teacher
Polly Noonan .... Girl on Bus
Dee Dee Rescher .... Bus Driver
*Harry Caray .... TV Broadcaster (uncredited) (voice)
*Steve Stone (II) .... TV Broadcaster (uncredited) (voice)
Katie Barberi .... Economics (uncredited) (voice)

c i n d y   p i c k e t t
Cindy Pickett plays the loving mother and real estate agent, Katie Bueller who gets led down the primrose path by her eldest son, Ferris.
Though she has appeared in many productions since FBDO the one film I recognise her in is the Pauly Shore "comedy", Son-In-Law. She has also made notable TV appearances on Murder She Wrote and Magnum P.I.

l y m a n   w a r d
Lyman Ward plays Ferris' clueless father Tom Bueller, who continually bumps into Ferris throughout his day off, but never catches him.
He has been in such films as Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Mikey, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mom and Dad Save the World and was a secret service guy in the blockbuster hit Independence Day. TV wise Lyman has done guest stints on The Wonder Years, Magnum P.I. and Weird Science (the tv series).

r o t w e i l l e r
The Rotweiler plays the Bueller family's dog, who protects the Bueller home, from the intruding Edward Rooney, until Rooney knocks him unconscious with a flower arrangement. Do not worry though as the dog awakens at the end of the film and exacts his revenge on Rooney.
As Paramount Pictures and the IMDB is prejudiced against animal actors and did not credit him I cannot find any information about this dog. If you recognise him from other films or know who he is, please pass the information onto me, so that I may post it up and stop this prejudice against animal actors.

d e l   c l o s e
Del Close played Sloane's English teacher whose class is interrupted by the school nurse Florence Sparrow as she delivers the bad news of Sloane's grandmother's "death".
Tho not as well known as Ben Stein's performance as the Economics teacher, Del Close's speech on the uses of irony is just as funny and realistically boring.
Close had a varied film, stage, and comicbook career. As an important part of the Chicago entertainment scene, many of his movie roles are in films set in Chicago (The Untouchables). He was claimed to be one of the people who gave popularity and legitimacy to improvisational comedy and trained and directed performers, once being known as the "House metaphysician" of Saturday Night Live. People he had trained included Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Andy Dick, Andy Richter, Tim Meadows, and David Koechner. Del had also released a comedy album, "How To Speak Hip" excerpts from which you can listen to here. He also had a very small appearance in another great all time teen film, American Grafitti. He passed away on March 4th, 1999.

v i r g i n i a   c a p e r s
Virginia Capers plays Florence Sparrow the school nurse at Glenbrook North, who must inform Sloane Peterson of her grandmother's "death".
Her second film ever was quite a notable one in the 1971 classic The Great White Hope starring James Earl Jones. Other films you may have recognised her from are The Toy, Teachers, Howard the Duck, Beethoven's 2nd or the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got To Do With It?. She also appears on the stage and won a Tony award for Raisins.

r i c h a r d   e d s o n
Richard Edson plays the classic character of the sleazy parking garage attendant that takes the Ferrari for a joyride. Edson nailed the role, providing another classic character from the film.
Richard Edson is a familiar face that has appeared in numerous feature films and as a guest on several TV shows. The IMDB had listed that he was the ex-drummer of Sonic Youth, tho I don't know if this is true.
Some of the films you probably recognised him in are Platoon, Howard the Duck, Eight Men Out, Strange Days, Good Morning Vietnam, Let It Ride, Do the left Thing, Super Mario Bros., Posse, Jury Duty, and An Occassional Hell (phew! there are others but I'm outta breath). Not to mention TV stints on ER, Miami Vice, Chicago Hope and Homicide: A Life on the Streets. Busy guy.

l a r r y   f l a s h   j e n k i n s
Larry Flash Jenkins plays the other parking garage attendant credited as the Attendant's co-pilot who accompanies Richard Edson's character on the joy ride.
He has also appeared as Gummy in the 1985 Chevy Chase classic Fletch. And more recently was in the film The Second Civil War and appeared on Home Improvement.

m a x   p e r l i c h
Max Perlich plays Anderson a student in the economics and roll call classes. Born on the 28 March 1968, he was 17 at the time the film was shot.
He has had a pretty full career since FBDO, which includes such films as In the Mood aka The Woo Woo Kid, Can't Buy Me Love, Vibes, Gross Anatomy aka A Cut Above, Drugstore Cowboy, The Butcher's Wife, Cliffhanger, Maverick, Beautiful Girls, Homeward Bound II, Feeling Minnesota, Men With Guns and Truth Or Consequences. He was also nominated for some kind of independent award as Best Supporting Male for his role as Axel in Georgia.
More recently he has appeared more often on TV and was James Brodie in the TV Series Homicide: Life On The Street, until he was fired even though the drug charges didn't stick in court sometime last year and he wasn't charged for pulling a gun on a neighbor. You may also recognise him as Whistler on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Surprisingly Max actually has 2 websites devoted to him. Here is one and here is another.

s c o t t   c o f f e y
Scott Coffey plays a nameless and lifeless student in the economics and role call classes. Born on the 1 May 1967, in Hawaii he was 18 at the time of shooting.
A regular in teen films Coffey was very funny in Some Kind Of Wonderful, appeared in Zombie High and was also a dancer in the classic Girls Just Want To Have Fun. I recognised him first however from a film called Satisfaction, which had Justine Bateman and Liam Neeson in it. It was rather bad, it was about a girl band and he was Nicki, the only guy member of the band.
Scott Coffey did make it into the 90's with appearance in Wayne's World, Tank Girl and Lost Highway. On a personal note, he once dated Heather Graham, eighties fans should recognise her as the girl from License To Drive, and more recently she appeared in Boogie Nights.

j o n a t h a n   s c h m o c k
Jonathon Schmock plays the maitre'd of the high class restuarant, Chez Quis who is outsmarted by Ferris as he scams a reservation pretending to be Abe Froman -- the sausage king of Chicago.
This guy was perfect for the role of the snooty Chez Quiz maitre'd, there's just something about the look and the voice. Even his name is perfect cos how different is Schmock from schmuck? (no offence intended to anyone with the surname Schmock)
Schmock also made an appearance in another Hughes film, Some Kind Of Wonderful as the limousine driver. Apart from that you may have spotted him in Surf Ninjas, City Of Industry or perhaps Blossom in Paris. In 1984, he was also the character Billy Batalato in the TV series Double Trouble which was about, shock horror, twin girls.

d e b r a   m o n t a g u e
Debra Montague plays the girl in the Pizza joint that Ed Rooney sees from behind and mistakes for Ferris.
This was Debra Montague's only role in any motion picture or TV show according to the IMDB that is. Oh well, at least she got to be in the greatest film of all time.

j o e y   v i e r a
Joey Viera plays the Pizza Man in the Pizza Joint that Ed Rooney goes to in an attempt to catch Ferris.
Joey Viera was also the Lunch Truck driver in the 1971 Evel Knievel film.

l o u i e   a n d e r s o n
Louie Anderson plays the non-speaking-blink-and-you'll-miss-him part of the Flower Delivery Man who accompanies the Singing Nurse as she delivers the singing get well telegram to Jeanie Bueller.
Louie Anderson, is a comedian that appears regularly in Vegas and was the star of the animated series Life With Louie based on Life With Louie. He also starred in the motion picture The Wrong Guys with Richard Lewis, appeared in Coming To America, and played himself in Ellen DeGeneres' film Mr Wrong.

s t e p h a n i e   b l a k e
Stephanie Blake plays the singing nurse who delivers the singing get well telegram to Jeanie Bueller, in arguably one of the funniest scenes in the film.
A guy once thanked me for putting the nurse stripper song on the page, and I told him she was just the singing nurse and even though there were sexual implications she never actually stripped. However I can understand how he could make this mistake judging by Stephanie Blake's other roles. Her last role was in The Mambo Kings in 1992 as a stripper and in a 1991 film called Whore aka If You Can't Say It, Just See It she played... you guessed it a stripper.
Stephanie herself informed me that she has her own website, Stephanie Blake.Com.
I was also able to obtain this candid behind-the-scenes story of her scene-stealer:
    "The original words to the song that John Hughes handed me were:

    I heard that you were feeling ill,
    Headache, fever, and a chill.
    I came to help restore your pluck,
    Cause I'm the nurse who likes to dance.

    However, the door slammed on dance so everyone could only guess what was next! It was changed for network TV and cut to two lines. (There was no set music, only the lines).

    The day I was on the set I was in the make-up trailer and Matthew came in and said hi. He is wonderful, charming, and friendly. When my make-up was finished I got into my nurse's uniform and was called to work. No one really knew what I was going to do. They thought I was just going to stand there and move my mouth. I told the assistant director that I would be moving a little. He hollered to John Hughes "She's got choreography!" and John hollered back "Let's see it!" Louie Anderson was standing behind me and whispered in my ear "You'd better get this right the first time. I wanna get out of here!" (I will never forgive or forget him for that). Anyway, I pulled all my concentration together and when John called "action" I did the song with the dance. The door slammed, everything was silent. Then I heard "cut" and everyone burst out laughing. That's when I knew I did okay.


r o b e r t   m c k i b b o n
Robert McKibbon plays the non-speaking part of the Balloon Man who accompanies the Singing Nurse as she delivers the singing get well telegram to Jeanie Bueller.
And like his Pumpkin Head counter part this was Robert McKibbon's only role in a motion picture.

p a u l   m a n z a n e r o
Paul Manzanero plays the part of the Pumpkin Head who accompanies the Singing Nurse as she delivers the get well message to Jeanie Bueller.
Just as Holly Hunter had to express emotions without using words as a mute in the Piano, as the mute Pumpkin head, Paul Manzanero had to also accomplish this in addition to the daunting hurdle of a single face painted expression. What an actor!

r o b e r t   k i m
Robert Kim is the police officer who speaks to Mrs Bueller at the police station about Jeanie's "prank" call about an intruder in the house
The only other film that I recognise that Robert Kim has appeared in is Honeymoon in Vegas. And like just about everyone else in that film he played an Elvis impersonator as Oriental Elvis.

p o l l y   n o o n a n
Polly Noonan is the nerdy girl on the school bus who Ed Rooney is forced to sit next to.
Apart from being the illustrious Gummi Bear Girl, Polly Noonan has been in one other motion picture. It's a French film called Arizona Dream aka The Arrowtooth Waltz and it stars Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway and Jerry Lewis. She plays a character named Betty and though I haven't seen it, it's supposedly not too bad.
The other interesting thing to note about Polly Noonan is that in Ferris Bueller's Day Off she's actually credited in the end credits before she actually makes her on screen appearance.

d e e   d e e   r e s c h e r
Dee Dee Rescher plays the Lady Bus Driver of the school bus that in the end credits offers Mr Rooney a lift.
Dee Dee Rescher has appeared in quite a few films since and before FBDO, this includes Summer School, the 1989 comedy Skin Deep and Communion.
But TV guest appearances are probably more her strong point, with appearances in well known sitcoms Roseanne, The Jamie Foxx Show and she was the recording lady in the Smelly Cat episode of Friends. Quite impressive.

k a t i e   b a r b e r i
Like Scott Coffey and Max Perlich, Katie Barberi plays a nameless and lifeless student in the economics and role call classes.
She actually went uncredited in this role, and it's thanks to the help of SwatchDog who remembered some kids magazine from 9 years ago having an article on Katie and the film she was in at the time, The Garbage Pail Kids. It mentioned also that she had an uncredited role as a bored student and after SwatchDog checked out a copy of Garbage Pail Kids and Ferris, Katie Barberi was identified as the girl to your left. Thanks SwatchDog! Apart from these 2 films she has also had a small role in Perdita Durango and has been in some TV features.

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