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First Timers First Timers - New here? Get the inside skinny on the original '80s site. Great site. I'm a first-time visitor and I'll be coming back often.

This is the biggest and the best site devoted to eighties fads, popular culture, and fashion.
-Fashion Flashbacks
Spotlight The Spotlight - In-depth features on several '80s personalites and events.
Icons '80s Icons - Who were the movers and shakers of the '80s? Find out here!
Hits Story "Hits" Story - What ruled the Billboard charts on this date back in the '80s? Find out!
Children of the 80s Children of the '80s - Our personal tribute to the Bryant Adkins article.
Movies Movies - Links to '80s Movie and Movie Awards.
Music Music - Links to '80s Music.
TV TV - Links to Emmys and every '80s TV show!
Sports Sports - '80s Football, Basketball, Baseball and more!
Tonys Tony Awards - The critically acclaimed plays of the 1980s.
That '80s Show That '80s Show - The new television series about life in the '80s.
Ask Eddie Ask Eddie - Our own '80s guru, Eddie, answers your '80s questions!
Timeline Timeline - An '80s Review, a year at a time.
Aquatulle Aquatulle - Retro Magazine.
Lexicon Lexicon - '80s Retro Magazine.
MegaLibrary - A huge, cross-referenced data base of information gathered from the past five decades. All the stuff worth knowing: Arts and Entertainment, Sporting Events, Historical Events and Technology.
'80s Server News - News on the original site about the '80s.

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