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1961 Ferrari 250 GT California

The 1961 250 GT California plays an integral part in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it symbolises the excitement that is Ferris' day off, it the source and the means to the solving of Cameron's problems, it is the piece that put Ferris' day off in the fantasy books, to sum it up it is one fine piece of machinery.

When Cameron said less than 100 were made he wasn't lying in fact only 55 were made and furthermore only 34 of these 55 had covered headlights. Valued at over 2.5 million US dollars, it probably does not surprise you to learn that the vehicle used in the film was not the real thing. Well, if it was there would now be only 54 of them, considering the way Cameron killed it, and FBDO would probably be referred to as a drama by Ferrari collectors.

Another interesting fact, according to Brad Williams (a visitor to this site), was that the company that modified for the MGB for the film and others, was actually sued by Ferrari for the use of it's logos, and with all the damages that were demanded to be paid by Federal courts, it actually went out of business soon after.

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