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Welcome to the Save Ferris! Web Site established on the 2nd January, 1998. This site is a tribute to the greatest film ever made, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, by one of it's biggest fans, me, M.H.L.L.�.
You can bookmark this site as either or Hopefully Save Ferris! will reside on the Eighties Server until the end of eternity, but just in case, will remain stable regardless of which server the site is on (unless V3-urls close down of course).

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Who do you think is currently the most underrated actor from the FBDO cast?

Matthew Broderick
Jennifer Grey
Jeffrey Jones
Edie McClurg
Mia Sara
Charlie Sheen
Alan Ruck

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Extra special thanks go to And thanks to everyone else who helped along the way, sorry if I didn't mention your name, it's just I was running out of space, but you guys know who you are. There are also other thanks in the relevant sections of the site.

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Friday, 15th September 2000

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