Here are some links to in my personal opinion the top ten Ferris sites on the web, excluding mine of course :). If you believe your Ferris site deserves a place in the top ten then email me at [email protected], and I will check your site out.

And while we're speaking of links, I would really appreciate it if you could LINK ANY PAGE WHATSOEVER TO SAVE FERRIS!

1.   t h e   f e r r i s   b u e l l e r   p a g e

Great high quality original pictures, big content and beautiful layout. Loses half a mark for never being updated anymore.

2.   i m d b   l i s t i n g

URL :'s%20Day%20Off
The best source for official information regarding the film and cast.

3.   r e a l   v i d e o   5   c l i p s

The first site on the internet, well the first one I know of, that has clips of Ferris. 4 different scenes are available in streaming real video.

4.   m a r x i s t   o v e r t o n e s

Best essay on the web thus far about the film, better than all those one page tributes with the same pics and sounds, and far more original.

5.   d e d i c a t i o n   p a g e

The neatest one page tribute on the web to Ferris, also has similar tributes to other great films.

6.   w e b r i n g   h e a d q u a r t e r s

URL :;home
The one and only original Ferris Web Ring Home Page. Newly improved, with not much but an original idea and nice set up.

7.   f e r r i s   b u e l l e r ' s   d a y   o f f

It has quite a few original screen captures from the film And it also has some wav and real audio sounds, and a quiz section. Extra marks for not stealing the generic pictures and sounds, and putting some actual real effort into it.

8.   t h e   a r t   i n s t i t u t e   o f   c h i c a g o

Take a look at the official website of the Art Institute of Chicago which is the one Ferris, Cameron & Sloane visited on that day.

9.   t h e   n i g h t   f e r r i s   b u e l l e r   d i e d

Not much to do with Ferris Bueller really. But this page is about a film titled "The Night Ferris Bueller Died". It tells the story of a delusional man, Luke Porter, on a past-midnight subway ride mistaking a fellow passenger, Randy Mitchell, for the famed actor, Matthew Broderick. There are links to watch excerpts or the entire film, or to purchase it if interested.

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