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Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones is the bumbling principal Edward R. Rooney, who despises Ferris Bueller and spends the whole day trying to catch Ferris in the act of ditching school with comedic disastrous results.

Born on 28 September, 1947 in Buffalo, New York, USA Jones was 38 years old at the time of shooting.

His most notable performance in film was his role in Academy Award winning Amadeus as Emperor Joseph II which scored him an Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

With his devilish appearance Jones often plays the villian, and he can indeed pose as a fairly daunting character, with his evil twin portrayal with those funky glasses in Out on an Limb (again starring with Matthew Broderick) scaring the begeezers out of myself.

Other prominent films in his filmography include Beetlejuice, Who's Harry Crumb?, The Hunt For Red October, Mom and Dad Save the World, Howard the Duck with FBDO co-stars Virginia Capers (Florence Sparrow) and Richard Edson (Garage Attendant), Houseguest, Ed Wood, The Crucible, The Pest, and The Devil's Advocate.

He is additionally a veteran stage actor having such plays as The Elephant Man and Neil Simon's London Suite.

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