Now you can take your own virtual tour of the Art Institute of Chicago just as Ferris, Cameron & Sloane did. Click on any picture to view an larger version. If you can identify any of these pieces, a quick email to [email protected] with the details would be much appreciated.

To watch a low resolution Real Media file of the very same scene from the movie, download or stream the following file.

Filename : art.rm or for streaming Real media art.ram
Length : 1:50.5
Format : Real Media
Size : 1.06 MB (1,117,210 bytes)

"Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper.
(Identified by Jessica)
Left: "Improvisation 30 (Cannons)" by Wassily Kandinsky, 1913
(Identified by S. Wootten)
Right: "Painting With Green Center" by Wassily Kandinsky.
(Identified by Nat Clark)

"Nude Under Pine Tree," by Picasso.
(Identified by [email protected])

Left: Name this piece (ID#4), email [email protected]
Right: "Old Guitarist" by Picasso
(Identified by [email protected])

"La Toilette" by Mary Cassatt
(Identified by tumo72382)

Left: "Jacques and Berthe Lipchitz" by Amedeo Modigliani, 1916
(Identified by S. Wootten)
Right: "Day of the Gods (Mahana No Atua)" by Paul Gauguin, 1894
(Identified by S. Wootten)
"Greyed Rainbow" by Jackson Pollack, 1953
(Identified by Michael Grey)
Left: "Tanktotem No. 1" by David Smith, October 1952 (the tall sculpture on the left)
(Identified by S. Wootten)
"Bathers by a River" by Henri Matisse, 1909, 1913, and 1916
(Identified by Lauren McKay)
Left: "White Negris" by ??? (small sculpture)
(Identified by S. Wootten)
"In the Circus Fernando: The Ringmaster" by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
(Identified by Michael Grey)
"Portrait of Balzac" by Auguste Rodin, 1893
(Identified by Michael Grey)
The three paintings on the top row of the wall the man in the grey suit is at are by Monet. The center one is an image of a hay stack or a thatched-roof hut in the center of a field (actually, 2 of them). I don't know the names, but I'm sure I saw them and they are by Monet. I think the paintings on the top left and right of the man are images of large rocks in the ocean, like a rocky shoreline (also Monet).
(Identified by S. Wootten)
Left: "The Red Armchair" by Pablo Picasso, 1931
(Identified by Michael Grey)
Center: "Portrait of Sylvette David" by Pablo Picasso, 1954
(Identified by Michael Grey)
Right: "Seated Woman" by Pablo Picasso, 1949
(Identified by S. Wootten)
Far Right: "UNESCO Reclining Figure" by Henri Moore, 1957. (The edge of this sculpture can be seen in this image just behind Cameron, but the entire thing can be viewed in another scene.)
(Identified by S. Wootten)
"America Windows" by Mark Chagall.
(Identified by Margaret Famous)
"Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat (If you want to purchase an art print of this piece check out the Merchandise or FAQ sections for details)

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