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Where would we be as a people if it weren't for the Eurythmics, A-Ha, Duran Duran and Cyndi Lauper?

The great museums of Europe protect the cultural iconclasts of century's past, but no buildings of stone and glass have been erected in honor of the great cultural and artistic influences of the 1980s - Kajagoogoo, Hall and Oates, Milli Vanilli and Survivor, to name a few.

In an effort to protect the works of Adam Ant, Wham and J. Geils Band from becoming dusty memories, we have built a special tribute to the decadent decade that shaped us into the great people we are today! The '80s Server.

But, The '80s Server wouldn't exist if we didn't have the support of our VIP Members. They help make our important work possible.

Everything we receive from our subscription dollars is poured back into the site! That's right. Every dollar goes into researching, creating and maintaining the enormous '80s Server. With a solid subscriber base made up of Surfers Like You, we can maintain our database of '80s trivia, quizzes, music, information, entertainment and more that our VIP Members currently enjoy!

From quizzes like "Save Ferris!" to music trivia on Rewind, The '80s Server provides '80s entertainment and information you can't find on any other website.

And we have been been rated "E" (E stands for Everybody) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which means we are Child and Family Friendly!!! You can be assured that your membership dollars won't be used to rot the minds of young people who were not born in nor were able to experience the 1980s.

But of all the surfers we reach each month with our entertaining and, yes, inspiring quizzes and trivia games, only a small portion of those people open their wallets to show their support to The '80s Server. Perhaps nonsubscribers don't realize that the demos never change, but most of the VIP members-only games change every day!

That's why, at The '80s Server, members matter. We will provide, in exchange for your membership, a wealth of member benefits, including '80s Crossword Puzzles, Movie Quiz, E-mail and **IMPORTANT BENEFIT** the Save Ferris! Quiz!!!! There's so much more, so read about these special benefits.

The '80s Were Gr8But we know that you aren't going to become an '80s VIP member for the benefits. You're goal is to preserve an important part of Americana, a time in history that turned the tide of our culture and made us the strong, elite nation that we are today!

With your membership, you make it possible for this immense Web machine to keep these quizzes, trivia games, music compilations and entertainment running. Your dollars make a difference.

To become a Member and begin enjoying the benefits of membership (and get to play some truly awesome games and stuff), simply fill in our monthly or yearly online form.

The eighties are great! Sign me up!

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