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Welcome to The '80s Server
The ultimate trip back into our "not-so-distant" past!

The '80s Server has tons of great stuff to do and hear, so dive right into our main menu and poke around through all the cool stuff. HEY, we're trying to document the sites, sounds and events of an entire decade here! We're constantly updating our site, so come back often to keep up with all the new stuff.

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Navigating around the '80s Server!
TIP Navigating around the '80s Server is EASY--no matter where you are, just click the header graphic and it will take you to the parent category of your current location. For example, when you are playing Rewind, click on the Rewind header, and you'll go back to the Games page!

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VIP Take a Vacation Quiz -- A fun way to make vacation last all year ... testing your knowledged of the National Lampoon Vacation series from the '80s.
VIP The Save Ferris Quiz -- A cool progressive game. Can you make it to the end and "Save Ferris?"
VIP '80s Crossword Puzzle -- The ever-popular crossword puzzle with an '80s twist! Toss out your old newspaper, The '80s Server Crossword Puzzle offers the latest in Java technology, making it the coolest puzzle in town and the greatest puzzle on the web.
VIP Gremlines! -- Match up 10 quotes with the appropriate movies! Updated daily.
VIP Manic Medley -- We've squeezed ten songs into fifteen seconds - can you identify the artist and title?
VIP Sliding Tile Puzzles -- Remember those sliding tile games that you would always crack open and piece back together? Well, you can't break them apart here!
VIP Takeover! -- A delightful combination of Tic-Tac-Toe and trivia. Answer three questions in a row to win - watch out for hidden traps!
Freeze Phraze -- A quick paced, multi-player game. Take your turn to pick a letter or solve the puzzle. And for an added twist, you can chat while you play!
Risky Business -- Are you a trivia buff? Think you can hold your own in an interactive game against other '80s gurus? Go for it! Every weekday you'll be given your chance to improve your score as you try to attain the title of '80s Trivia God or Goddess.
VIP Rewind -- Try your luck at the 'Name The Song' of the '80s!
Daily100 -- For the movie buff, identify classic lines and the actors and actresses that spoke them from classic '80s flicks. Updated each weekday.
Who Can It Be Now? -- Each day we showcase ten bands. Can you identify them by their picture alone?

Things To DO
VIP The Save Ferris Soundtrack -- The '80s Server is the only place you will find this humorous collection of quotes and medleys from "Ferris Beuller's Day Off."
VIP The Save Ferris Remix - Oh Yeah! -- Another '80s Server exclusive. You'll laugh aloud and dance on the tables with this MPEG medley from Ferris.
VIP The '80s Jukebox -- Answer interactive band trivia while listening to the sounds of the '80s! You choose between continuous streams of Pop, Alternative or Metal music, and we'll stump ya' with everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite bands.
Valley URL -- Like, ever wonder what the web looks like through the eyes of like, you know, a Valley Girl? Be Sure ya' try it on your own page!
OnBoard -- Wanna know who else out there has collected every episode of "Family Ties?" Create a post on our threaded forum and find out.
Information and Articles
VIP The Monthly Spotlight -- We regularly write an in-depth feature on some '80s personality or event.
VIP "Hits" Story -- What ruled the Billboard charts on this date back in the '80s? Find out!
VIP MegaLibrary -- A huge, cross-referenced data base of information gathered from the past five decades. All the stuff worth knowing: Arts and Entertainment, Sporting Events, Historical Events and Technology.
Children of the '80s -- Our personal tribute to the Bryant Adkins article.
Music Fan Clubs
VIP The General MFC Music Trivia Quiz -- Are you a music trivia god and just don't know it? Come test your knowledge!
VIP Dave Matthews Band Quiz -- Find out just how much you know (or don't know) about the Dave Matthews Band.
VIP Music Fan Clubs E-mail -- Get your own Music Fan Clubs e-mail address. You can even choose an artist specific address like "[email protected]" or "your [email protected]".
Music Fan Clubs -- A great list of fan club sites complete with tons of information, pictures and an interactive message forum.

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