Welcome to "The Daily 100", our very own tribute to the
great lines that came out of '80s films!

How to play:
Every weekday we'll present you with a new movie line in both text and sound format. You will then be asked to identify the title of the movie, the actor or actress that spoke the line, their character's name, and then finally, the year that the movie debuted.

Put only one answer per blank, and use the simplest, best known answer you know. For example, Jack Nicholson's character in "Batman" can be correctly identified as "Jack Napier" or "The Joker". However, "Jack Napier or The Joker" WILL BE COUNTED WRONG. Likewise, in "Trading Places" the character played by Denholm Elliot is "Coleman", who happens to be a butler. Just put "Coleman" as your answer. If you add needless extra information, such as "Coleman, the butler employed by Duke & Duke to serve Winthorpe, then later Billy Ray", your answer will be judged wrong.

Important tip: hold down on the SHIFT key to make sure you get the correct sound clip!

For each correct answer you will earn 25 points for a possibility of 100, thus, The Daily 100. Each game will last two weeks (ten weekdays) allowing someone to get 1,000 points with a perfect score.

Cumulative scores will be kept and winners will be posted at the end of each game.

Signing up to play:
All you have to do is go to our new Game Registration page which will register you for this game and the other games offered by our site.

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