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E.Q. the E.T. Quiz E.Q. The E.T. Quiz VIP - Phone home and test your knowledge about everyone's favorite extra-terrestrial!
Gremlines Gremlines VIP - Match up 10 quotes with the appropriate movies! Updated daily.
Rewind Rewind VIP - Try your luck at the 'Name The Song' of the '80s!
Manic Medley Manic Medley VIP - We've squeezed ten songs into fifteen seconds - can you identify the artist and title?
'80s Match Up '80s Match Up VIP - Just like those tests you took in grade school. A random test each day.
Sliding Tile Puzzles Sliding Tile Puzzles VIP - Remember those sliding tile games that you would always crack open and piece back together? Well, you can't break them apart here!
'80s Crossword Puzzles - VIP '80s Crossword Puzzles VIP - The ever-popular crossword puzzle with an '80s twist! Toss out your old newspaper, The '80s Server Crossword Puzzle offers the latest in Java technology, making it the coolest puzzle in town and the greatest puzzle on the web.
Takeover! - VIP Takeover! VIP - A delightful combination of Tic-Tac-Toe and trivia. Answer three questions in a row to win - watch out for hidden traps!
Save Ferris Quiz - VIP The Save Ferris Quiz VIP - A cool progressive game. Can you make it to the end and "Save Ferris?"
Fast Times Quiz - VIP Fast Times at Ridgemont High Quiz VIP - Test your knowledge of one of the quintessential '80s movies
Holiday Road Vacation Quiz - VIP Holiday Road Vacation Quiz VIP - A fun way to make vacation last all year ... testing your knowledge of the classic '80s comedy National Lampoon's Vacation.
Return of the Jedi Quiz - VIP Return of the Jedi Quiz VIP - A Flash quiz game based on one of the most popular movies of the '80s.
Terrorist Invaders VIP - Based on the '80s Space Invaders game with a modern twist.
'80s Theme Party VIP - All the information you need to plan your own '80s Theme Party
"Hits" Story VIP - What ruled the Billboard charts on this date back in the '80s? Find out!
The Academy Awards VIP - Find out about all those great award-winning '80s movies.
Timeline VIP - An '80s Review, a year at a time.
Spotlight VIP - In-depth features on several '80s personalites and events.
MegaLibrary VIP - A huge, cross-referenced data base of information gathered from the past five decades. All the stuff worth knowing: Arts and Entertainment, Sporting Events, Historical Events and Technology.

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