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Why can't I enter the VIP areas?

To access VIP areas, you will need to subscribe to The '80s Server. Subscription rates are $4.95 for the first month and $3.95 for subsequent months, or $39.95 per year. You may subscribe to The '80s Server by clicking on the orange "VIP Membership" button near the top of
The '80s Server title page.

*The following two questions are for users who do not have cookies enabled in their browsers. Click here for information on cookies.

Why is it that my login doesn't work when I try to access VIP areas?

Make sure that you are typing your '80s Server VIP password exactly as you entered it when you registered. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. For example, "Cyndi" and "cyndi" and "CynDi" are all considered to be distinct user names. Also make sure that you are not entering your game login information, as it is separate from VIP logins and passwords. See the following question for more information.

I'm a VIP Member. Can I use my VIP login to play Daily 100, Risky Business, or Freeze Phraze?

YES! These games all keep score and thus, in order for us to rank and show your score, you are required to log in before you play. You only need to log in at one game, the first time you play, to be a valid user for all scorekeeping games. Just enter your VIP login information when a gray dialogue box pops up.

I have a Game Membership, not a VIP Membership!  Can I play these scorekeeping games?

Because it is not necessary to have a VIP login to have a Game login, non-subscribers must register at one of the games before playing the first time. You may choose any available username and password for your Game login. Entering this information before each time you play will allow us to keep an accurate record of your score too!

What do I do when The '80s Server has an incorrect answer in one of their games or a mistake somewhere in the web site?

E-mail us we will investigate and get back to you with a solution, or at least an answer, as soon as possible!

Please include the following information: Your real name, your VIP username (If you are a VIP member), username for scorekeeping games (If the problem has to do with a game), and a concise description of the problem. To further help us to assist you quickly, please include the word,"Problem" somewhere in the subject line of your e-mail. Thank you for your cooperation!

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a bit of information that your browser stores in a file on your hard drive. Our login process sends a cookie to your browser. This information helps The '80s Server recognize you so that you do not have to enter your login information unless you are a VIP. If you are a VIP, you still need to enter your VIP login ONCE each time you visit The '80s Server.

Does the cookie store personal information about me?

No, not really. Basically, it's just your login and some of your score information. Oh, and by the way, your information is safe with us. We do not share this with anyone. Though the information is not personal, it is yours, and it will stay that way. We promise!

Can I use my computer at work and my computer at home to access The '80s Server?

Of course! If you register at work first, you'll just need to enter your login information once when you get home. Then you'll be all set with a separate cookie on each computer!

What will that do to my game scores?

The specific score is stored on The '80s Server. Only basic scoring info is stored in your cookie.

My spouse and children also play the games on The '80s Server. Can they have separate logins?

They can have accounts cascading off the main account. To set up an additional account for another family member, do so on the
registration page. This is also where you can switch to a different user.

How many logins can I have?

The way we have it set up now, it would be difficult to ever run out of logins. However, if this ability is abused, a limit will be set. Please try not to bog our system down.

If I need information about something from the '80s, can
The '80s Server help?

You could always ask Eddie, or you could post your question On Board, the '80s forum. Those guys have all the inside information from our favorite decade and they would love to share it with you! Who knows, maybe you will have something to share too!

Thanks to everyone for visiting The '80s Server! Don't forget to check out Music Fan Clubs!

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