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Prove You're WAY Smart!

Put your Pop Smarts to the test on REWIND ... our hip, hot, fast, '80s version of "Name The Song." Pit your knowledge of the '80s against hundreds of other players ... and check your scores! How will you stack up?

  • It's Fun

  • It's Addictive

  • It's A New Game Everyday!!

To Play ...

  1. Become an '80s VIP Member and click on the "VIP Version" button, or if you are not a VIP, click on the "Demo Version" button.
  2. Read the clue
  3. Play a one-second sound snippet
  4. Identify the '80s POP SONG!
    • If you can't name the song, then play a longer snippet by pressing the "Longer Clip" button. You will receive fewer points when you answer when you listen to the progressively longer clips, however.
  5. Guess at another song by pressing the "Give Up" button.
  6. Come back for the next round tomorrow, and the next day, and the next!

Note: Read the REWIND FAQ for more info!


With a brand-new round EVERYDAY, our VIP members have TWICE the chances to get their names listed in the Rewind Hall of Fame!

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