Ferris has a slight fever of 101�F. You must try and keep it stable and not let it rise any higher. Answer a question right and Ferris' temperature will decrease by a �F until the healthy 99�F. But answer a question wrong and Ferris' temperature will dangerously rise by a �F. If after answering all 10 questions you have not let Ferris' temperature rise above 101�F you can proceed to the next level. Blaze through all five levels to win!

Start temperature = 101�F
Wrong answer = +�F
Right answer = -�F
Desired result = Less than or equal to 101�F

1. Ferris' best friend is:

Garth Volbeck
George Peterson
Cameron Frye
Cameron Peterson

2. The movie is set in:

New York
San Francisco

3. The name of Ferris' girlfriend is:

Simone Adamly
Sara Anderson
Serene Williams
Sloane Peterson

4. And the name of the actress who played her is:

Kristy Swanson
Mia Sara
Molly Ringwald
Jennifer Grey

5. According to Ferris' philsophies in the restaurant:

You can never go too far
If he's gonna get busted it's not gonna be by a guy like the maitre'd
A and B
Life moves pretty fast

6. Ferris' mom's occupation is:

Real Estate Agent
Advertising Executive
Office Worker

7. The principal, Edward Rooney's middle initial is:


8. Before Ferris altered the computers he had been absent:

7 times
8 times
9 times
10 times

9. Ed Rooney reminds Grace, the secretary of:

The Devil
Clint Eastwood
Dirty Harry
A man on a mission

10. Part 2. of faking out your parents according to Ferris is:

Lick Palms
Moan and Wail
See spots
Fake fever


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