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The 80s Server is more than an archive of the culture and events of the 1980s. It is an engaging mix of games, music, video, and information that is constantly changing and expanding. Few sites on the Internet can match The 80s Server for content, programming, and sheer size.

Games and Trivia: As a group, The 80s Server's interactive games are the biggest traffic generators for the site. Games are updated either on a daily or weekly basis, bringing people back over and over for a new challenge.

  • Rewind: A "Name That Tune" kind of game that draws from a database of more than 500 '80s tunes. Each week, thousands of contestants compete in three rounds to see who knows best the music of the 1980s.

  • The Daily 100: Every week day, "The Daily 100" serves up a different audio clip from a classic '80s movie. Contestants try to earn 100 points by correctly guessing the title, actor, character, and year of each clip.

  • Who Can It Be Now?: The perfect game for the MTV generation, "Who Can It Be Now?" randomly displays photos of 10 different '80s pop music artists along with four possible band names to choose from.

  • Gremlines: Similar to "The Daily 100," Gremlines gives players ten quotes from various '80s movies. To score points, they must choose the correct movie from four possible answers.

  • Manic Medley: This is perhaps the most challenging game on The 80s Server. Players listen to a 10 to 12 second audio clip that features about one second each of 10 different '80s songs all spliced together. To get a perfect score, players must correctly identify all 10 clips and the artists who recorded them.

  • Sliding Puzzle Game: This game is an Internet version of an old favorite, the sliding tile puzzle. Players attempt to put familiar '80s images back together, including a Rubik's Cube, Madonna, and a constantly updated selection of puzzles.

  • Risky Business: Currently the second most popular game on the site, this brand new trivia game meshes Jeopardy with Wheel of Fortune to test your knowledge of the 1980s.

  • 80s Crossword Puzzle Every week our 80s gurus get together to build another challenging puzzle for our 80s fans. Made up entirely of icons, terms, and titles from the 80s, the 80s Crossword keeps them guessing into the next millennium.

Music: As with most decades, the 1980s were defined by music. No site on the Internet dedicates more server space to capturing the music of the 1980s than The 80s Server.

  • The Jukebox: Hundreds of '80s favorites converted to RealAudio for your listening pleasure.

  • "Hits" Story: A day-by-day listing of who ruled the #1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 throughout the 1980s.

Eighties Extras: From chatting with your friends in the OnBoard Forum to sneaking a peak at our staff on Crue Cam you can always find something to do on the Eighties Server.

  • OnBoard Forum: This is where patrons of The 80s Server go to meet each other and share all kinds of '80s information. Our advanced forum engine allows people to include graphic images and URLs in their posts.

  • Children of the Eighties: A graphically enhanced version of Bryant Adkins' Internet-famous composition "Don't Call Me Generation X, Call Me A Child of the Eighties," this section is loaded with links and slick graphics!

  • Totally Awesome: Each day, The 80s Server chooses one site to be its Totally Awesome! Site of the Day. Based mainly on content, Totally Awesome! salutes other sites committed to keeping the memory of the 1980s alive.

  • This Month's Spotlight: Each month, The 80s Server dedicates this section to an unforgettable person or event of the 1980s.

  • The Crue Cam: Every 30 seconds, The 80s Server's Crue Cam offers an up-to-the-second look behind the scenes at The 80s Server. Dedicated fans can drop by and watch our award-winning development team at work.

  • Ask Eddie: Eddie Eighties is The 80s Server's official mascot. When someone on the Web can't remember some piece of '80s trivia, they can e-mail their question to Eddie and see if they can stump him. Periodically, Eddie posts the best questions along with the answers.

  • Television: This section includes The 80s TV Directory, a bold attempt to reference every show broadcast on American television throughout the entire decade.

  • Movies: This section includes The 80s Movie Directory, The Academy Awards 1980-89, Golden Globe Awards 1980-89, and the Directors Guild Of America 1980-89.

  • Sports: This section chronicles the great sports events of the 1980s, including tributes to The Olympic Games of 1980, 1984, and 1988.

  • 80s E-Mail: This totally radical new service will allow you to use the 80s.com domain in you email! With a Brat Pack VIP membership, you'll be given an email account and access to our mail server, so you can let everybody know you're @80s.com.

  • Timeline: This section contains a concise, chronological history of each year of the 1980s.

  • Technology: A salute to the technological advances of the 1980s that changed the way we live forever. The section is divided into four subsections: "Spaced Out," celebrating accomplishments such as the Space Shuttle and the many discoveries of the two Voyager mission; "Gadgets, Gizmos and Garbage," an account of the emergence of the now-indispensable home computer, as well as all the little devices that made our lives easier and more enjoyable; "The Tech Ten," what The 80s Server considers to be the 10 most important technological milestones of the 1980s; and "The Tech Timeline," listing the key events of the science, technology, and medical worlds.

  • T-Shirts: The Decade of Greed can't go without its merchandising, right? Well, here we go with the release of The 80s Server t-shirt. Be the first dude or dudette on your block to sport the official t-shirt of The 80s Server.

  • Mousepads: Protect your mouse in style with the brand new 80s Server Mousepad. Sharp, distinctive, emblazoned with the names of all the icons of our greatest decade!

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