According to survey research, primary users of The 80s Server are adult men and women, ages 18-30, who are employed full-time with annual incomes of $30,000-$50,000. This age group constitutes a significant percentage of the 8.4 million adult Internet users.* Accoring to our target, 52% connect to the Internet from home and 29% connect from work; consequently, during these connections, 26% of the target spend 10-15 minutes on The 80s Server and 22% spend 31-60 minutes on The 80s Server.


Consumers in their late teens through their 20s are on the leading edge of a demographic wave that will wash over the U.S. during the next two decades, transforming the culture and economy. Consequently, as their spending power and influence swell, they�ll change the way marketers of everything from soft drinks to cars do business in the coming years. This particular group was molded by the social revolutions of the past two decades and is far different from the post-World War II generations of the Baby Boom and the Baby Bust. Just like their predecessors, this target is a source of new demands and tastes. In terms of numbers, this market is not the largest; however, in terms of opportunity to make long-term customers, it is strategically the most important market. The key is to build brand awareness with this target so they will become loyal customers in the future.


Our target, adults ages 18-30:

  • Are significantly more likely than older age groups to make use of one information category�music and entertainment.*
  • Have more disposable income than their older counterparts.*
  • Have more freedom to turn their on-line time into a personal lifestyle experience.*
  • Focus on communication and socializing.*
  • Are not information seekers; rather they browse more Web sites and view their Internet activity as experiential.*
  • Like to download photos, video clips, and music clips.*

* American Demographics, July 1996.

Survey Research Breakdown
Male: 57.5%
Female: 42.5%
Age: 18-30 (84.9%)
Income: $30,000+ (79%)
Average Income: $39,000
Avg. Hang Time/Page: 8 minutes

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