The '80s Movie Directory The '80s Movie Directory -- A year by year listing
From "About Last Night..." to "Zorro, The Gay Blade", we've attempted to list as many movies as we could possibly think of in this ever-growing directory.
"People on 'ludes should not drive."
-Fast Time at Ridgemont High

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
-Ferris Bueller

Save Ferris Save Ferris -- Our Ferris Bueller tribute
Dedicated to one of best (if not THE best) '80s movies, Save Ferris covers John Hughes's 1986 classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off from top to bottom. Leisure Rules.
The Daily 100 The Daily 100 -- An interactive movie line game
Sure, you can identify cool movies lines when you hear 'em... but what else can you tell us about them? Play our movie line identification game and see just how well you know your dialogue.
Top Grossing Films Top Grossing Films: 1980-1989
Although they may not have won any Academy Awards or been praised at Cannes, these films did exactly what their producers had hoped they would do... make LOT$ of money.
The Academy Awards The Academy Awards -- 1980-1989
Before Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and David Letterman hosted the Academy Awards we tuned in each year to see Johnny Carson, Jack Lemmon, and Chevy Chase preside as Master of Ceremonies at Hollywood's biggest awards bash.
Cannes Film Festival Cannes Film Festival -- 1980-1989
Each year, The Cannes International Film Festival showcases some of the finest films from around the world. See who ruled the awards ceremonies back in our favorite decade.
Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards -- 1980-1989
Since 1944, the Golden Globe Awards have been bestowing honors upon many of the industries finest participants. See who received top honors during the 1980s...
Directors Guild Of America Directors Guild Of America -- 1980-1989
Honoring their own brethren, the Directors Guild of America has saluted their top choice each year in directorial achievement since 1948. Here are the winners throughout the '80s.
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