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The 80s Server has enjoyed being the recipient of numerous awards and recognition from other web sites as well as printed publications from around the world. Highlighted below are a few of the more prestigious honors The 80s Server has been proud to receive:

1/14/02 - 80S.com was selected as USA TODAY Hot Site

TODAY AWARD The 80s Server like, you know, was selected as a Hot Site in today's edition of USATODAY.com. USA Today looks daily for top-rated Web sites that seek to astound and delight, inform or amuse -- by exhibiting something remarkable in graphics, content or both.

1/12/02 - TV Guide Lists The 80s Server (80s.com) as Awesome '80s Nostalgia Sites

TV GuideTV Guide has listed The 80s Server at the top of their Awesome '80s Nostalgia Sites list. "The '80s Server at 80s.com leads the pack in games, trivia, top 10 lists, surveys, community forums and streaming music." TV Guide has dedicated an 80s Flashback "A Radical Review of Everything Eighties" in their latest online issue. Check out the whole story. It's Totally Awesome!

Cool Site of the Day Cool Site of the Day

Originated by web-pioneer Glenn Davis in August 1994, this site started the entire "Site of the Day" genre. Receiving this award is the Internet equivalent of an Academy Award.

Cyber Life

The 80s Server was showcased on the October 9, 1996 edition of the popular television show "Cyber Life" on The Discovery Channel.

Cyber Life
Yahoo! Yahoo!

The Internet's largest catalog of web sites bestows two awards, "Yahoo! for the Day" and "Yahoo! Picks of the Week." The 80s Server has won both of these awards. "The Daily 100," an interactive movie line trivia game, was a "Daily" pick and the "Children of the Eighties" article, redesigned in a storybook format on The 80s Server, was a "Pick of the Week."


From the makers of Internet Magazine comes the weekly Internet Chart Show. The 80s Server was ranked #1 during the week of July 25, 1996, edging out CNN's Olympic web site!

Top 5%

Now a division of Lycos, this award is presented to sites that stand out from the millions of web sites and home pages on the Internet today.

Top 5%
CNET performs weekly reviews of outstanding Web Sites. From more than 3 million URLs, CNET's writers and critics have created a list of sites that they feel represents the best the Web has to offer. The 80s Server has been selected as one of the best pop culture sites on the Web!
The 80s Server has received many other awards as well. Check out our Awards for a complete list. The site also has been featured in a number of newspapers, magazines, and print journals around the world. Some of these include Online Access, The Web Magazine, Internet Underground, Popeye (a pop culture publication in Japan), and TV Bros. The 80s Server has been the subject of articles and favorable reviews in numerous newspapers internationally, including publications in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Scotland, Germany, Japan, Europe, and the U.K.

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