Spicoli: "Hey Bud, are the eighties really over or am I just bogus? Will our like 80s favorites ever come back? Are we really going to have to wait until 2080 for another 80s decade? Ahhh Man, I will be like 300 years old by that time."

Brad Hamilton: "Relax my frazzled friend. We all know that only a severe flashback could get one back to the 80s, but let me offer as a means to calming your 80s separation anxiety a totally tubular yet temporary cure; The Fast Times at Ridgemont High Tests."

Spicoli: "Awesome�Totally Awesome!!!   Alright Hamilton!"

Mr.Hand, one of Ridgemont's finest teachers, takes over:
      "It is for these and other important reasons that we have come up with a little fun based on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a truly important and influential film. Please�feel free to join us. I get so worried when I hear the third attendance bell ring and all of my students are not here"

Click here to become a student of Mr. Hand's.

Need some help before you begin? Study up with the
Fast Times at Ridgemont High:


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