80s Timeline Welcome to the Timeline, your chronological summary of the events of the 1980s. Here you'll find not only the political events and natural cataclysms, you'll also find the number 1 songs, memorable moments in film and television, the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, the Oscar/Emmy/Tony/Grammy winners, and major sports results for each year.

1980A time in which the Cold War really heats up, Carter makes some tough decisions, Nature shakes up the earth, and a Musical Legend is gunned down.
1981A time in which 54 Americans come home after a long absence, a new president is shot by a die-hard Jodie Foster fan, a memorable wedding takes place, the space shuttle begins to fly, and people start getting sick with strange illnesses.
1982A time in which making long distance calls becomes confusing, Britain and Argentina go to war, a cute alien wants to "phone home", and someone tampers with Tylenol.
1983A time in which Michael Jackson does a new dance, Nancy Reagan tells us to "Just say no", a tiny Carribean nation is invaded, and marines begin to feel unwelcome in Beirut.
1984A time in which a killer virus is identified, Ronald Reagan gets a 4-year extension on his job, it becomes clear that someone wants the U.S. Marines out of Beirut, and an unusual medical experiment is attempted.
1985 A time in which we realize that "We Are The World", a new era begins for the Soviet Union, we are introducted to an new cola, hijacking becomes fashionable, and people begin taking AIDS seriously.
1986 A time in which we mourn the loss of 7 astronauts, cynanide-laced capsules kill again, chaos in the Philipines results a lot of abandoned shoes, the U.S. and Libya go at it, terrorism runs rampant, a nuclear accident devastates a large area, Americans hold each other's hands, Baby M gets her family chosen, and a major scandal shatters American trust.
1987 A year in which political scandals abound and are rivaled by evangelical scandals, a major airline makes some major mistakes, the Persian Gulf becomes more dangerous, the stock market crashes, and a little girl falls into a deep hole.
1988 A time in which the U.S. government is on trial, televangelist antics continue, a terrorist bomb explodes over Scotland, and Lloyd Bentsen puts Dan Quayle in his place.
1989 A time in which George Bush becomes president, Exxon makes a big mess in Alaska, China commits a terrible crime against humanity, communism begins to topple, Noriega is on the run, and a phony band hits it big.
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