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Here at The '80s Server we have received like tons of questions about how to get ready for an 80s Theme Party or a Costume Party. Here are some totally rad ideas for an awesome party. If you have more, email Eddie with your suggestions!


Use Neon paint, or Bright colored paper; or... Remember those Yellow signs that said "Baby On Board"? Why not create one for a "Totally 80s Party" invite? On one side write "You are like, totally invited" or "It'll be totally gnarly if you are there".

On the inside of the card you will want to state why you're having the party. Example:

Your, like, presence is requested for _______. (Birthday, Halloween, Over the Hill, Stagette, etc party)
It's at, like ______. (The address goes here.)
Don't be square, be there at _____. (Date & Time)

Please RSVP or gag me with a spoon.

Costumes are not totally required, but you might as well bag your face without one.


Colors-Bright! Magenta, turquoise, lime green and anything fluorescent is great. Streamers, balloons and confetti in bright metallic is also good. Visit party supply stores and thrift stores to find games and toys that celebrate the 80s mood. Rubik's Cubes (you can find "new" ones at discount stores), Connect Four, Cabbage Patch dolls, Garbage Pail kids bubblegum cards, Care Bears, Smurfs, you know the drill. Pull out the old Atari 2600 and fire it up! Everybody loves Pac Man! If you don't have your old Atari 2600, borrow your kid brothers Nintendo 64. There are some great arcade classics available at your local store. A working Simon (there are hand held varieties sold at discount stores) and Speak and Spell are always a blast too! Find your old, (or get them at a thrift store) scratched up vinyl albums and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line and tacks for added effect.

80s Posters from movies, TV, commercials & cartoons, popular props, cardboard stand-ups of 80s celebrities, other props such as ET, Alf, games, books, candy like pop rocks, Atari game room, stuffed animals from 80s cartoons and neon decorations. Glow in the dark stuff like necklaces, bracelets, and glasses.

Posters can be purchased at this Link Here or just click on posters below:

Fashion & Costume Ideas:

These celebrities idolized the fashions of the 80s. Here's the 411 on their trendy styles:
Or, browse through our closet of 80s fashions!

Madonna - Crop tops (with mesh overlays!) lots of crucifixes and beaded jewelry, rubber bracelets from your wrist to your elbow. Big cross earrings. Hair should be ratty and tied up with a bandana or a lace scarf. Short skirts with hole-y tights, cut off T-shirts and short boot shoes. BONUS: Top off the look with the "Desperately Seeking Susan" boots that Baker's sold in the 80s. [ More Photos ]

Adam Ant (Kings look) - Short jacket with lots of pins on it. Sporadic braids in hair with yarn and tinfoil braided in. Tight black leather (or vinyl) pants. Be sure one braid falls down over forehead. Lots of scarves and bandanas tied around arms and legs, along with feather "roach" clips. Tall boots will look awesome. Eyeliner, and lip-gloss are required, as well as white streak painted across nose.

Billy Idol - Spiked blonde hair, tight leather (or denim) pants, silver hoop earring on your left ear, silver chains and/or crosses. Slightly torn, sleeveless T-shirt, a black vest or bare-chested for the top. (Might be chilly!)

Boy George - Braided hair (or wig) with lots of colored yarn, tin foil and Long hair braided into small sections, white lab coat, multicolored eye makeup, a black hat with a brim. Be sure to be able to come up with snappy (if not nasty) remarks to the "other" boy George's in the room.

Duranie - Brightly colored, slim cut suit, with a skinny leather tie. White shirt. Hair should have a good loft. I recommend Aqua Net Extra hold. Eyeliner, lip-gloss and a pout are required.

Michael Jackson - Black skinny pants, white (or silver) crew socks, a skinny white T-shirt and a red leather jacket. One glove on your right hand. Short curly hair. BONUS: The Michael Jackson zombie look! Smear face with black grease paint, find an old torn up leather jackets and dance with a limp all night! [ More Photos ]

Prince - Long fitted jackets (purple satin!), hair moussed and swishing over one eye, high heel boots, ruffled shirts and pants that button up the legs. Bonus: Two girls dressed in lingerie to drape on your arm!

Blues Brothers - Wear a black suit, black tie, white shirt and a black fedora. Get a friend to do the same. Be prepared to sing "Soul Man."

Robert Smith/Siouxsie Sioux - Buy black hairspray and rat, rat, rat that hair 'til it looks like you got the mange. Clothing should be mostly black, however splashes of red or purple are also acceptable. You a light powered of face white to give yourself a deathly pallor. You must wear red lipsticks, smeared for Robert, with pointy "bee-stung" lips for Siouxsie. Black eye makeup for both, Siouxsie also requires penciled in squared off eyebrows. Robert requires wearing big ugly white high top tennis shoes, while Siouxsie generally favors exotic, sexy clothes and kimonos.

The "Noid" - Dominos Pizza Mascot Pick up a one piece union suit at the local surplus army store and dye it red with RIT dye. Wear red high top converse and sew (or glue) a hat with long "flaps" hanging off the side of your head. (Felt or cotton knit works good for this.) Use felt to pin a big "N" (for Noid) on the front of your union suit and carry a Domino pizza box...or better yet, give away coupons for Dominos.

Jeff Spicoli / Fast Time at Ridgemont High - Sean Penn had this look down, the stoned surfer boy. Hawaiian shirts, unbuttoned down the front, Bermuda shorts, slip on Vans and a tanned, space-y look. "Dude, I'm there."

Joan Collins/Dynasty - Our favorite "bitch" of the decade, find a tightly nipped in dress or suit with large shoulder pads, or ruffles. Wear a big rhinestone necklace and gaudy earrings. Remember, ostentatious is the name of the game. Big, red glossy lips and a "made-up" face are de riguer.

Mr. T - I pity the foo' who doesn't want to be Mr. T. All those gold chains might be a bit spendy, but you can fake the look with fabric trim you can pick up at the fabric store for cheap. Buy a few yards and wrap around your neck and wrists. Mohawk wig, black vest and black pants.

Cyndi Lauper - Brightly colored, mismatched tutus and crinolines, jean jacket and lots of multicolored plastic jewelry, like you find at Mardi Gras. Wrap is around your wrists and put it over your head. Find (or make) a brightly colored bustier (these dye really well with RIT dye.) Buy two or more colors of spray in hair spray and rat your hair up. BONUS: big fake eyelashes with glitter in them. You can find them during Halloween and usually at costume shops. Be sure to have fun. [ More Photos ]

New Waver - Basic Levi jeans or baggy old man pants, white T-shirt and a black vest. Also, shirts that open on a diagonal and close with snaps or zippers are totally cool. Hair must be vertical...and preferably a bright color. Pierced ears on guys are good. Wear dark sunglasses (wayfarers or cat-eyes) and be sure to have your Sony Walkman with you all the time. Like totally tubular.

Pee-Wee Herman - I love Pee Wee. Skinny (preferably too small) light gray suit, a white shirt, red bow tie. Part hair slightly to the side and slicker down with gel. Put a little blush on the roses of your cheeks and just a light touch of red lipstick.

Smurf - A white stocking cap, a white stocking cap and a lot of blue makeup should complete this look for you quite nicely. Girl Smurfs can wear a white stocking cap, white dress and white pumps. Act adorable all night, and be sure to replace common words with Smurf. "That's Smurfalicious!"

Don Johnson/Miami Vice - Ah yes....every woman's dream man. (?) Pastel "Italian" style suit (baggy pants, big wide shoulders and a T-shirt underneath. Loafers with no socks, and a just haven't had the time to shave today look.

Steve Urkel / Family Matters - At the very cusp of the 80s is a character that is very well known and loved, the total dork, Steve Urkel. Wear really innocuous polo shirts, white flood pants pulled up to armpits and white tube socks. Suspenders, big thick glasses complete this look with a whiny toned voice. Catch phrase, "Did I do that?"

Tom Cruise - White T-shirt, blue jeans and a black sportscoat Wear wayfarers and act vacant.

Valley Girl - Bright neon colors are good, sweatshirt dresses with headbands, leg warmers and skinny leggings. Catch phrases: "Like", "Like totally", "Barf out", "Gag me with a spoon" and "Fer sure".


Bake three 8x8 square cakes and stack them on top of each other with layers of frosting in between. Decorate with colored frostings in red, blue, green, yellow and white so that is looks like a Rubik's cube! Use black licorice frosting to define the edges of each "cube".


  • Combos
  • Twizzlers (make your mouth happy...)80s Theme Party Twizllers
  • String Cheese
  • Rice Cakes
  • Fig Newtons (but in other favors like raspberry and strawberry)
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Jelly Belly Jelly beans!
  • Jell-O Pudding Pops
  • Hot Pockets

Drinks (nonalcoholic):

  • Tang
  • Coca-Cola
  • Capri Sun
  • Pepsi
  • Drink boxes
  • Fresca
  • Mountain Dew
  • Jolt Cola

Drinks (alcoholic):

  • Wine Coolers
  • Wine in a box
  • Rolling Rock

Junk Food!:

  • Pizza!!
  • Pop Rocks
  • Big League Chew
  • Bubble Yum
  • Bottle Caps
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Carmellos
  • Bottle Caps
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Gummi Worms
  • Nerds
  • Funyons
  • Reese's Pieces
  • Gummy Bears
  • Fun Dip
  • Perrier



80s Party Games Pacman Atari game room playing Pac-Man

80s trivia games:We hold up photos of 80s stars and the guest have to name them. (Bonus- name a movie/tv show they were in). 80s Charades with names of 80s movies and tv shows.
Trivial Pursuit.
POGO Stick

Play The '80s Board Game! Buy it Here!

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