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We've preserved the memories and have brought back the music, movies, fashions, and historic events that the "Children of the Eighties" so strongly identify with.

When you join as an '80s Server VIP Member, you're directly connected to hear your favorite '80s music, compete against other members in the many '80s games and trivia, research the history of the decade, chat, or just meet people who love the '80s as much as you.

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*Games & Trivia: 80s Match Up, Manic Medley, Fast Times, Rewind, 80s Crossword, Save Ferris, Gremlines, Freeze Phraze, Vacation, Jedi Quiz, Takeover, Sliding Tiles Puzzle, and more...

'80s Theme Party Resources: totally rad ideas for invitations, decorations, fashions, costumes, food, music and games.

*The Save Ferris Remix: Oh Yeah! Only at The '80s Server! You'll laugh aloud and dance on the tables with this MPEG medley of music and quotes from Ferris.

*The Save Ferris Soundtrack You won't hear this compilation on any radio! An exlusive to The '80s Server, The Save Ferris Soundtrack is a humorous collection of quotes and medleys.

*Hits Story: Ever wonder what the songs were on this date back in the '80s? Well, we have it here for you in a comprehensive listing of all the top ten hits of the '80s, week by week.

*Spotlight: Every few months The '80s Server spotlights a different celebrity or event from the '80s, bringing you back in touch with a certain element of the '80s that made that decade so great.

*'80s Timeline: A chronological summary of political events, number 1 songs, memorable moments in film and television, the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, the Oscar/Emmy/Tony/Grammy winners, and major sports results for each year of the 1980s.

*MegaLibrary: If it has happened, it's in our MegaLibrary.

  • Entertainment - We've got all the award winners for the Grammys, Oscars, Tonys, and Emmys dating back to 1950 all for you!
  • Sports - All the greatest athletes are now in one place alongside their awards and achievements. Also, there's a timeline of great sporting events dating back to 1950.
  • History - History buffs rejoice because we've got a great timeline of all the important events of the past 50 years.
  • Technology - Follow all the great technological advancements of the past fifty years in this great timeline of events.

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