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Happy Birthday EFM!! e105.1 FM (http://www.e1051.fm) celebrated 1 year of great retro hits and broadcasting with a summer block party! The '80s Crue showed up join the fun and wish EFM a Happy Birthday.

Click here to see pictures from the big bash.

4/22/02 - SIMPLE MINDS Best of Collection to be Released

Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me THE BEST OF SIMPLE MINDS - a 2CD collection of the band's most influential works will be released by Virgin Records, June 4th to coincide with a U.S. tour beginning June 13th. This new digitally remastered 32 track collection brings together all of Simple Minds' hit singles, including the #1 "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from the Gold-selling soundtrack and hit movie, The Breakfast Club. http://www.simpleminds.com

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The article prepares readers for those inevitable "E.T."-induced flashbacks with an '80s trivia quiz "culled partly from the experts at the '80s Server, www.80s.com". Try your skills at their '80s Trivia Quiz.

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2/11/02 - TESTIMONIES - What Others Are Saying About 80s.com

The 80s Server Webcrue has totally had a lot of Awesome Children of the Eighties saying totally awesome things like, you know, about the 80s Server so like we compiled their quotes and put them on a page for everyone to see. Check out the latest gossip.

1/14/02 - 80s.com was selected as USA TODAY Hot Site

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1/12/02 - TV Guide Lists The '80s Server (80s.com) as Awesome '80s Nostalgia Sites

TV Guide TV Guide has listed The '80s Server at the top of their Awesome '80s Nostalgia Sites list. "The '80s Server at 80s.com leads the pack in games, trivia, top 10 lists, surveys, community forums and streaming music." TV Guide has dedicated an '80s Flashback "A Radical Review of Everything Eighties" in their latest online issue. Check out the whole story. It's Totally Awesome!

1/09/02 - The New Year brings a new forum

80s Forums The '80s Server has a new forum for you to voice your opinion. Stop by the forum. Send an Instant Message to your buddies if they have Yahoo or AIM. Create polls to settle those arguments on the best hair band! The '80s Server Forums now open!http://www.80s.com/forum

1/07/02 - New Navigation System added to The '80s Server

The '80s Webcrue began adding new navigation bars at the top of each page of The '80s Server to make finding your way around the site easier.

11/5/01 - New Multimedia Return of the Jedi Quiz Released

Return of the Jedi Quiz The 80s Server's "Return of the Jedi Quiz" has been redesigned to include multimedia sounds and is more graphical than the original version. The 80s Server Webcrue is excited about adding the multimedia technology into new games for 80s fans. Keep watching for new game releases.

10/15/01 - Tourist Guy found at the 80s Server

Touristguy The now famous tourist guy picture which was taken atop the World Trade Center on September 11th, has made itself around the world via e-mail has been found on the front page of the 80s Server. http://www.80s.com/. See if you can spot him.

10/12/01 - 80s Webcrue Creates New Game

Terrorist Invaders"Terrorist Invaders" is 80s contribution to the relief effort. It's a take on the 80s style "Space Invaders" game that �The 80s Webcrue programmers� were developing for their nostalgic 80s web site. "Terrorist Invaders", is a game based on taking revenge on Osama Bin Laden for his responsibility for the terrorist tragedy that occurred on September 11.�We decided to test it among friends and they went crazy about it. Then we decided to clean it up and put it online for everyone to enjoy.� Get Revenge on Bin Laden.

09/26/01 - 80s Theme Party Resource Page

80s Theme Party The 80s server had many requests on how to plan a totally awesome 80s Theme party. Well, we've put our heads together and have come up with a rad collection of links, photographs, and more, showing you how we'd plan a totally tubular 80s party. 80s Theme Party Resource.

09/18/01 - Michael Jackson Aids NY attack victims

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson is planning another benefit ballad reminiscent of the 1985 hit �We Are The World�. The new song, �What More Can I Give?�, has major artists lining up which include Britney Spears, Destiny�s Child, the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, and Carlos Santana. The song is expected to raise $50 million for terrorist attack victims.

Jackson co-wrote "We Are the World" with Lionel Richie, which raised $65 million for the USA for Africa fund that aids victims of starvation in Africa. Top artists who joined in were Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Dylan and Ray Charles.

09/17/01 - The Escape Club resurface online

The Escape Club is pleased to announce the unveiling of their official web site: www.theescapeclub.net. The site, which launched Monday, September 17th features a full discography, bio, photos, video clips and much, much more.

The site is completely overseen by Escape Club members Trevor Steel and John Holliday, and is in no way controlled by any record company or corporate entity. The purpose of the site is to serve as an online �gathering place� for friends and family of the band, and to see if Escape Club fans would like to hear more material from the band. Trevor and John would also like to share their musical project CLOUD 10 with the site�s visitors.

Originating in the UK, The Escape Club ironically made a name for themselves with the release of the number 1 single "Wild, Wild West" (from the album of the same name), but was nothing in comparison to the public reaction to the release of the song "I�ll Be There," from their second album Dollars and Sex.

05/04/01 - New Front Page

The front page of the '80s Server has undergone a change to reflect some of the new stuff that has been going on behind the scenes ... especially our new staff members! Joining Lisa Johnson, Cory Erickson, John Koehler, Jeff Hinds, John Burch and Stephen "Wolfgang" Willis are Eric Terry and Jeana Clark! You can see us all in action on the Crue Cam here! More changes are on the way, so check back often to get a glimpse!

WebTV and older versions of Internet Explorer (2 and lower) and Netscape (4.x and lower) don't support this new front page, so those users will continue to see the old front page. If you want to take a peek at this page anyway, click here.

04/10/01 - Van Stephenson dead

Our '80s pal, Dan Sheldon of Erie Pennsylvania, notified us that Van Stephenson has died of skin cancer. Dan writes: "For the 80's fan, he was remembered for his 1984 hit "Modern day Delilah" which went to #22 on The Billboard Hot 100 Charts. He had two other minor hits: "You've got a good love coming" #79 in 1981 and "What the big girls do" #45 in 1984. He also wrote many songs for other artists. In the 90's he was in the country group Blackhawk along with Henry Paul of the Outlaws and Henry Paul Band. May he rest in peace. "

3/20/01 - A bug in the Rewind scoring system has been fixed!

We corrected a problem that kept some user's scores from showing up in the Hall of Fame.

2/1/01 - A new game, '80s Match Up, makes its debut on The '80s Server

Remember those annoying matching tests you took back in school? Well, we have our own fun version right here on The '80s Server. Check it out and let us know what you think!

1/8/01 - The '80s Influences Survey is posted to The '80s Server

Tell us who you think were the movers and shakers of the '80s!

1/2/01 - Wave Goodbye to Mr. Hand

Ray Walston, the Tony- and Emmy-winning character actor best known as lovable extraterrestrial Uncle Martin on the 1960s sitcom My Favorite Martian, has died. Walston, who later appeared in the teen classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High and on TV's Picket Fences, was 86.

12/5/00 - Loverboy Bassist Missing, Presumed Drowned

Scott Smith, who played bass with the Canadian rock band that was big in the '80s Loverboy, is missing at sea and presumed dead after being swept off a sailboat by a twenty-five-foot wave four miles off the coast of San Francisco on Thursday night. A search by the Coast Guard was called off the following afternoon due to massive waves and fog. A private search by Scott's family and friends was called off Sunday night. "We have to confirm what we already believe in our hearts," said band manager Lou Blair, "which we don't want to believe." Smith, who was forty-five, last performed with Loverboy at a benefit concert for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation on Nov. 25 in Vancouver, B.C.

12/1/00 - The '80s Holiday Survey is posted to The '80s Server

Tell us all about the best and worst of your '80s holiday season.

11/2/00 - The '80s Political Survey is posted to The '80s Server

In addition, the '80s Interactive page contains links to the results of some of our past surveys.

10/27/00 - Ask Eddie!

NEW and EVERY FRIDAY, your questions about the 1980s will be answered by our very own Eddie! Ask Eddie questions about fashion, television, movies, sports, events. Our first edition of the 80s answers is right here!

10/24/00 - Hornsby Howls Again

Bruce Hornsby is following his last album, 1998's two-disc "Spirit Trail," with another two-disc title, "Here Come The Noisemakers," which RCA released Oct. 24. It's Hornsby's first live collection, and it features concert versions of hits like his 1986 breakthrough "The Way It Is," as well as hits that the he has written for others "I did a fairly extensive tour around the first double-record last year. At a certain point, I felt that this band was really becoming a special unit, where every night we got the chills and came offstage elated," says Hornsby. You can get the album here.

10/18/00 - The Brat Pack is Back!

Your favorite actors and actresses from the 80s are active and acting! Just have a look below if you don't believe us!

Robert Downey Jr.
Currently Playing: Real-life parolee Robert Downey Jr. joins the legal eagles at the offices of Cage/Fish and Associates for a recurring role on Fox's Ally McBeal as Calista Flockhart's love interest, Larry Paul. The pair's chemistry has been strong enough for Ally's producers to ask Downey to stay beyond his eight-episode commitment.

Jon Cryer
Currently Playing: Jon Cryer goes Oliver Stone as conspiracy theorist Zack Mango, one of four paranoid guys who are convinced the world is out to get them in ABC's new sitcom The Trouble with Normal. The nervous New Yorkers bond over group therapy and their babelicious therapist, Claire (Paget Brewster).

Jami Gertz
Currently Playing Jami Gertz appears on Fox's Ally McBeal this fall as Kimmy Burns, an old law school friend of Ally's. Her character comes complete with family--Marlo Thomas has been cast as her mother.

Molly Ringwald
Currently Playing: Molly Ringwald, who lives in New York, is appearing in Darren Star's Big Apple-based drama The $treet as Devyn Alden, the college girlfriend of Jack Kenderson (Tom Everett Scott). Jack also has business dealings with Devyn's tycoon dad, who is murdered in Ringwald's first episode (airing November 1).

Rob Lowe
Currently Playing: Rob Lowe plays serious guy Sam Seaborn, deputy communications director at the White House, on NBC's sophomore heavyweight The West Wing. The show won nine Emmys in its debut season, but the bona fide endorsement comes from Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea, who reportedly are fans of the political drama.

Ally Sheedy
Currently Playing: Ally Sheedy is locked into a role on HBO's gritty prison drama Oz, set to begin its fifth season. Sheedy plays Lisa Logan, a TV newsmagazine producer who's taping the lives of the Emerald City inmates.

Anthony Michael Hall
Currently Playing: Mike, as his friends call him, plays Yankees southpaw pitcher Whitey Ford in a new HBO movie called 61*. Here's the breakdown: It's 1961 at Yankee Stadium, and baseball greats Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle are racing to break Babe Ruth's single-season home-run record.

Three new CDs featuring dance music of the 80s are added to the '80s Jukebox today. Some of the hit songs included are "Venus" by Bananarama and "You Spin me Round" by Dead or Alive.

10/5/00 - Ben Orr passed away

Ben Orr, who cofounded the rock band The Cars and sang lead on the band's hits "Drive" and "She's My Best Friends Girl," died of pancreatic cancer Tuesday night. He was 45.

09/28/00 - Richard Mulligan has died

Richard Mulligan, the Emmy-winning actor best known for his flustered father-figure roles on such long-running sitcoms as Soap and Empty Nest, has died. He was 67. Mulligan died at his home in Los Angeles Tuesday after a long battle with cancer, publicist Julian Myers said in a statement. He was best remembered for his role as the working-class oddball Burt Campbell on the twisted ABC TV comedy Soap. During its 1977-1981 run, Mulligan played stepfather to Billy Crystal's gay character (it was Crystal's first breakout role), and Mulligan won an Emmy for his work in 1980. He also won an Emmy for his portrayal of Dr. Harry Weston in the 80s spin-off from The Golden Girls, Empty Nest.

09/18/00 - Bon Jovi to tour

Bon Jovi will return from their tour of Europe and Japan for their first set of U.S. dates in five years to support their latest album Crush on Nov. 3 in Charlotte, N.C. And if you're one of the loyal Bon Jovi fans who has been wondering just how the band's current single "It's My Life" is a sequel to the Jovi classic "Livin' on a Prayer," you may want to tune in to VH1 on Sept. 22 for the Bon Jovi episode of Storytellers where all may be revealed.

11/3: Charlotte, NC, Independence Arena
11/5: Ft. Lauderdale, FL, National Car Rental Center
11/8: Boston, MA, Fleet Center
11/10: Philadelphia, PA, First Union Center
11/12: Pittsburgh, PA, Civic Arena
11/14: Wilkes Barre, PA, First Union Center
11/16: E. Rutherford, NJ, Continental Airlines Arena
11/18: Detroit, MI, Palace of Auburn Hills
11/20: Chicago, IL, Rosemont
11/22: Indianapolis, IN, Censeco Fieldhouse
11/24: St. Louis, MO, Savvis Center
11/25: Cincinnati, OH, Firstar Center
11/27: Toronto, ONT, Air Canada Center
11/28: Montreal, QUE, Molson Center

09/14/00 - New Live Chat on The '80s Server

The '80s Server introduces '80s Chat, a live chat room for '80s VIP Members.

09/13/00 - New graphics and features for the main page of The '80s Server

The main page of The '80s Server has been updated with new graphics. We also added a new feature to the top of the page where news items from the '80s will be displayed automatically on a daily basis!

09/13/00 - U2 on tour to support album

U2 plan to support their forthcoming album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind," with a U.S. tour of indoor arenas early next year.

09/04/00 - The '80s Actress Survey is posted to The '80s Server

A new survey to find out your favorite actress of the '80s begins on The '80s Server. Final results of the '80s Presidential Survey to be posted on this page soon.

08/24/00 - Latest Survey Results

Presidential Survey

If it were possible, and all the candidates were 20 years younger, which '80s President, Presidential candidate, or '80s Vice President would you want to see elected as the President of the US in the 2000 Presidential election?

1. Ronald Reagan:
2. None of these candidates:
3. Jimmy Carter:
4. George Bush:
5. Geraldine Ferraro:
6. Michael Dukakis:
7. Dan Quayle:
8. Walter Mondale:
9. Lloyd Bentsen:


8/23/00 - Culture Club To Tour U.S.

Two years after the Culture Club re-united for a performance on VH1's Storytellers and a year after the U.K. release of their album Don't Mind If I Do, the '80s New Wave band is furthering their comeback efforts with the announcement of a U.S. tour. The twenty-six city jaunt will see the band playing mostly East and West Coast dates, though more cities should be announced on www.cultureclub.net.

9/20: Hampton Beach, NH, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
9/21: Providence, RI, Providence Performing Arts Center
9/22: Boston, MA, Fleet Boston Pavilion
9/23: Baltimore, MD, Pier 6 Pavilion
9/24: Uncasville, CT, Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino
9/26: Glenside, PA, Keswick Theater
9/27-28: New York, NY, Beacon Theater
9/30: Red Bank, NJ, Count Basie Theater
10/1: Pittsburgh, PA, Metropol
10/2: Columbus, OH, Veterans Memorial Auditorium
10/4: Rosemont, IL, Rosemont Theater
10/5: Chicago, IL, House of Blues
10/6: Akron, OH, Akron Civic Center Theater
10/7: Detroit, MI, Fox Theater
10/8: Sault St. Marie, MI, Kewadin Casino Dreammaker Theater
10/10: St. Louis, MO, Pageant
10/11: Madison, WI, Oscar Meyer Theater
10/13: St. Paul, MN, St. Paul Civic Center Arena
10/14: Kansas City, MO, Uptown Theater
10/15: Wichita, KS, Rita's Little Uptown Theater
10/18: Phoenix, AZ, Arizona State Fairgrounds
10/19: Las Vegas, NV, Hard Rock Hotel, the Joint
10/20: Anaheim, CA, Sun Theater
10/21: San Diego, CA, SDSU Open Air Theater
10/22: Los Angeles, CA, House of Blues
10/24: San Francisco, CA, Warfield Theater

08/21/00 - Joan Jett Does Broadway

Joan Jett is expanding her auture and has singed on to star as the campy Columbia in the Broadway remake of The Rocky Horror Show beginning in November. Also in the cast is seminal talk show host Dick Cavette, The Lion King's Tom Hewitt and Daphne Rubin-Vega, who won a Tony Award for her work in Rent.

08/14/00 - Tiffany Album Available Oct. 10

Tiffany will release "The Color Of Silence," her first full-length collection and U.S. studio album in a decade. "I'm not searching any longer," she says of the songs on the album. "It's not manufactured. I hope the album surprises those who didn't necessarily care for my music before -- pleasantly surprises them, that is." Scheduled for release Oct. 10, "The Color Of Silence" is thoughtful, intelligent, and full of grace. It's also unpretentious. Consider it Tiffany's equivalent to Alanis Morissette's landmark "Jagged Little Pill."

It was 13 years ago -- Aug. 29, 1987 -- that Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" debuted at No. 84 on The Billboard Hot 100. Within five weeks, the song climbed its way to No. 1, where it remained for two weeks. "George [Tobin, former manager] played the track for me, and I sang over it," remembers Tiffany. "It really wasn't the type of music I wanted to make, but I was 14 at the time, and I was thankful to be recording. All my friends loved it -- and that was important. Eventually, the song grew on me. Once I began dancing and performing to it, it became me." "I Think We're Alone Now" was culled from the singer's 1987 multi-million-selling eponymous debut on MCA, which reached the summit of The Billboard 200. Additional hits from the album included "Could've Been" and "I Saw Him Standing There," which peaked at No. 1 and No. 7, respectively, on the Hot 100.

In 1988, Tiffany ran away from home, sued her mother for emancipation, and released her top-20 MCA sophomore album, "Hold An Old Friend's Hand." "Open My Eyes," the first single from "The Color of Silence," will be delivered to several radio formats this week, and is scheduled for Sept. 12 retail release.

07/27/00 - Go-Go's New Songs!

What good is an apology sixteen years late? In the case of the Go-Go's new song "Apology," which they previewed Friday night at their concert at Jones Beach in Wantaugh, N.Y., the answer is good enough to stand tall next to any of the greatest hits that filled their live set. The reunited group also performed two other sassy, immediately catchy new songs, which may or may not be titled "Kissing Asphalt" and "Sonic Super 21st Century Boy" something-or-other. All three are from their forthcoming Vision of Nowness album (due in the spring), their first full studio effort since Talk Show in 1984. "Sing along," guitarist Jane Wiedlin teased, "Just make up the words" ...

07/27/00 - Metal Fatigue

Thrash metal pioneers Anthrax have opted off of the Maximum Rock and Roll tour, which also featured metal headliners Motley Crue and Megadeth. Though the tour is still scheduled to run until Sept. 2, Beyond Music, the group's management, issued a statement claiming that "financial constraints" as the group's reason for bailing on Maximum Rock . .

07/20/00 - Latest Survey Results

Your Top Ten Favorite Movie Actors of the '80s are:


1. Michael J. Fox:
2. John Cusak:
3. Tom Cruise:
4. Matthew Broderick:
5. Patrick Swayze:
6. Anthony Michael Hall:
7. Harrison Ford:
8. River Phoenix:
9. John Candy:
10. Chevy Chase:


07/19/00 - Bangles on tour

GOOD NEWS: The reunited Bangles will begin a shortclub tour in the US this September. And, even though the group does not have a label, it plans to record a new album. The dates for tour are:

9/13: San Diego, CA, 4th & B
9/15: Las Vegas, CA, House of Blues
9/16: Ventura, CA, Ventura Theater
9/21-23: West Hollywood, CA, House of Blues
9/26: Chicago, IL, House of Blues
9/28: Toronto, ONT, Government Center
9/30: New York, NY, Irving Plaza

07/19/00 - Mike & The Mechanics

BAD NEWS: Mike and the Mechanics singer Paul Young died July 15 of an apparent heart attack. Young collapsed at his home in England and could not be revived at the hospital. He was 53. Mike and the Mechanics is best known for its 1998 number-one hit "The Living Years." The band recorded its sixth LP earlier this year and was planning to begin touring later this month. The tour has now been canceled.

06/09/00 - Final Results from the Movie Survey

With 1600 votes cast, your favorite movies made in the '80s are:

1. The Breakfast Club:
2. Dirty Dancing:
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
4. Back to the Future:
5. Princess Bride:
6. Sixteen Candles:
7. Top Gun:
8. Pretty in Pink:
9. Fast Times at Ridgemont High:
10. Return of the Jedi:
11. ET:
12. When Harry met Sally:
13. Ghostbusters:
14. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:
15. National Lampoon's Vacation:
16. Airplane:
17. Caddy Shack:
18. St. Elmo's Fire:
19. Die Hard:
20. The Terminator:
21. Gremlins:
22. Lethal Weapon:
23. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:
24. Risky Business:
25. Beverly Hills Cop:
26. Fame:
27. Batman:
28. Bull Durham:
29. Fletch:
30. Ladyhawke:
31. Flashdance:
32. Parenthood:


We also had many "write in votes" for movies that we didn't have room to list in our survey form. The ones that got the most votes were: The Goonies with 28 votes and Labyrinth with 12 votes. A few of the other great '80s movies that were mentioned included, The Lost Boys, Footloose and The Outsiders.

06/07/00 - The '80s Actors Survey is introduced to The '80s Server

A new survey, in a new format, is linked from the main page of The '80s Server. Let us know who your favorite actor of the '80s was!

The '80s Movie Survey concludes. Final results to be posted here soon!

05/26/00 - New Crossword Puzzle Format introduced

Crossword puzzles for VIP Members are being converted to a more user-friendly format. Check out our test version and let us know what you think!

05/16/00 - Preliminary Results from the Movie Survey

So far, with almost 1000 votes in, your favorite movie made in the '80s is:

1. The Breakfast Club:
2. Dirty Dancing:
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
4. Back to the Future:
5. Princess Bride:
6. Sixteen Candles:
7. Top Gun:
8. Pretty in Pink:
9. Return of the Jedi:
10. Fast Times at Ridgemont High:


05/12/00 - More Results from The '80s Server TV Survey

In the '80s your LEAST favorite show was:

1. Dallas:
2. Dynasty:
3. Alf:
4. M*A*S*H:
5. The A-Team:
6. Falcon Crest:
7. The Cosby Show:
8. Miami Vice:
9. Knots Landing:
10. Facts of Life:


'80s visitors had strong feelings about TV in the '80s. Half of the TV shows that were in the most-liked list were also in the least-liked list.

'80s Server visitors also trashed some top-rated '80s TV shows when answering the least-liked question!

Dallas was ranked as the most disliked show of the '80s, yet it was in the top ten from 1980 until 1986.

Cosby was also one of the most disliked shows, despite the fact that it was the number one rated show for four years, from 1986 until 1989.

05/01/00 - Some Results from The '80s Server TV Survey

More than 1000 votes were cast in this poll by '80s Server visitors and VIP Members.

In the '80s your favorite show was:

1. Family Ties:
2. Facts of Life:
3. The Cosby Show:
4. The Dukes of Hazzard:
5. The A-Team:
6. Three's Company:
7. Cheers:
8. ALF:
9. Punky Brewster:
10. Growing Pains:
11. Miami Vice:


Many of the people responding mentioned that prime-time soaps like Dallas, Dynasty, and Knots Landing where among their favorite shows, although many other people said that these shows were their least favorite.

We're guessing that many "Children of the '80s" responded to this survey because some classic '80 adult-oriented shows such as Golden Girls,only received four votes as the most liked show in the '80s, and Moonlighting, another '80s hit, only received 13 votes.

04/26/00 - The Movie Survey is posted to The '80s Server.

A new survey to find out about your favorite '80s Movies.

04/11/00 - Some Results from The '80s Server Music Survey

Your Favorite Music Artist or Group of the '80s
  1. Madonna
  2. Duran Duran
  3. Bon Jovi
  4. Michael Jackson
  5. Van Halen
  6. Prince
  7. New Kids on the Block
  8. Depeche Mode
  9. Def Leppard
  10. Cyndi Lauper

Do you see a resurgence of 80s music today?

About two-thirds of you saw some signs of an 80s resurgence in music today. Some of you who didn't, think that 80s music never left or has blended into the music of today.

04/05/00 - The '80s Server Site Map is updated.

The site map was updated to reflect new additions to The '80s Server

03/27/00 - The '80s Community is added to The '80s Server.

Have you always wanted to show off your '80s sprit?! Well, here's your chance! Now '80s VIP Members can create profiles for other members to see... you can even upload a picture to show everyone else what you looked like in the '80s! Create your '80s Profile today!

03/17/00 - The TV Survey is posted to The '80s Server.

A new survey to find out about your favorite '80s TV shows.

02/29/00 - A preview of issue number 4 of Aquatulle Magazine is posted to The '80s Server.

02/18/00 - The Music Survey is posted to The '80s Server.

A new survey to find out what you think about '80s music.
This new fast-paced trivia game allows up to 50 people to play at one time and has more than 77,000 trivia questions!

01/18/00 - The Participation Survey is posted to The '80s Server.

A new survey to find out who wants to put their experiences of the '80s in writing.

01/03/00 - The Radio Station Survey is posted to The '80s Server.

A new survey to find out about your favorite '80s radio stations is now linked from the main page of The '80s Server.

12/27/99 - Began posting your responses to the New Year's Survey on the New Year's Survey Response Page.

12/22/99 - Posted a new survey, the New Year's Survey.

The New Year's Survey ran from December 22, 1999 until January 03, 2000.

12/16/99 - Posted some of the responses to the Holiday Pole.

12/13/99 - New '80s Holiday Pole, er, um, Poll

We've added a new holiday survey to hear what you liked the most and the least about Christmas in the '80s.

12/3/99 - Added a sitemap for The '80s Server

In order to make navigating The '80s Server easier we have include a text site map.

12/1/99 - Added link to bottom of all '80s pages to help you manage your account

For our subscribers who want to change or cancel their accounts, we have made the process simpler by giving you one-click access to the account management page ... at the bottom of every page is a link that says "Manage Your Account." Simply follow that link and change the information you need to change ... such as passwords, address, credit cards, etc.

11/30/99 - VIP Membership rates reduced!

In response to YOUR comments from the first '80s Server Survey, VIP membership rates have been SLASHED! A yearly membership is now only $39.95 (it used to be $54.95)! Monthly VIP members pay $4.95 for the first month and only $3.95 subsequent months (it was $4.95 every month).

11/30/99 - Added new graphical link to the News Page.

We've added a new graphical link to this page from the main page of The '80s Server. Make this page your first stop on The '80s Server to learn all the latest news!

11/30/99 - Added new holiday graphics to the '80s main page.

All of us here at The '80s Server wish all of you a happy holiday season!

11/24/99 - Updated Lexicon

The Lexicon section now shows articles from the latest edition of the magazine.

11/24/99 - Posted new Jukebox Survey for VIP members.

This survey is only for the folks who listen to our Jukebox, which is only for our VIP Members. Not that many people have taken this survey ... so we're looking for more input! The people who have responded have overwhelmingly chosen Duran Duran as a band that needs more playtime on the Jukebox!

11/17/99 - Welcome to our new Eddie in Customer Service

The functions of Eddie, our '80s Server customer service representative, are now being handled by Ericka Tesar! She answers all of your questions and comments. She's a friendly new face and is eager to make The '80s Server as fun for you as possible. E-mail her at [email protected]!

11/02/99 - Posted new links to the Top '80s Movies section from the front page.

10/29/99 - Posted Games Survey.

We asked our VIP members and '80s Server visitors what games they liked and why. When the survey was over on November 17, we had received 309 responses. The largest age group was people in their 20s ... they comprised 47% of our voters! The favorite free game, with 40% of the vote, was Who Can It Be Now. Rewind was the favorite VIP game.

10/29/99 - New VIP and Game Account System

With a new cookie system, we are able to alleviate confusion that was previously caused by having a separate VIP and game Usernames. In addition, login information is automated so you won't have to enter your Username and Password every time you play a game. With the new system, when you register, a cookie with encrypted login information will be sent to your browser. When necessary, The '80s Server will check your cookie and log you in.

10/14/99 - Posted '80s Server Survey to ask visitors and VIP Members their opinions on the site

This survey, our first, received 481 responses! People really had some strong opinions about the site ... how much they liked it and what they'd like to see changed, added (mostly people want more movies, more games, more more more) or updated. In response, we've lowered our monthly subscription rates and our yearly rates, are coming up with new sections to the site, building a sitemap, and other fun stuff! Because so many people didn't like the multiple login procedure to play games, we put together a new cookie procedure (see note on 10/29/99 above).

10/14/99 - Posted new VIP Return of the Jedi Quiz.

This new quiz is based on the third movie in the Star Wars trilogy. Make sure the Force is with you before you start this game ... it's tougher than a cooked Ewok!

9/15/99 - Added site map to bottom of all '80s Server pages

To help our visitors and subscribers better navigate through the site, we added links to all the major pages of The '80s Server to the bottom of each page!

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