When The 80s Server started out, there was only one awards site on the Net that we knew about -- the grandfather of them all, Cool Site of the Day. As the web continues to grow, we've learned of many more awards sites that are out there. Here are the ones that deemed our site worthy of its praise. Thanks to all the people out there that think we're pretty damn gnarly.

MegaStar Awards Site
Janruary 7, 1999
The 80's Generation Web Featured Site
March 2, 1998
Web Fuel Featured Site
February 18, 1998
Check out Webfuel's cool product.
MacroMusic's NoteWorthy Site of the Day
December 1, 1997
Eye on the Web Top Site
October 31, 1997
Suite 101 Weekly Selection
October 20, 1997
Internet DJ
August 4, 1997
Web Today
June 24, 1997
Something Fishy
Week of March 5, 1997
Suite 101
May 1, 1997
VR1 Gaming Online
March 19, 1997
Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly
Week of March 14, 1997
Southwestern Bell hot_not Southwestern Bell's Way Cool
Week of February 24, 1997
Boca Online's Hot-Spot Boca Online Award
February 24, 1997 - March 3, 1997
C|NET - Best of the Web! C|NET Best of the Web!
February 12, 1997
360 Mag Award 360 Mag
February 3, 1997
PEOPLE Magazine - The 25 Most Intriguing People of the Year PEOPLE Magazine
December 30, 1996 - January 6, 1997
Wall Street Journal Award Wall Street Journal
December 9, 1996
Cyberlife Cyberlife
October 9th, 1996
on The Discovery Channel
Cool Site of the Day Cool Site of the Day
July 31st, 1996
Project Cool Project Cool Sighting
July 29th, 1996
(Thank you, Glenn Davis!!!)
CCI Link of the Week CCI Links of the Week
July 29th, 1996
Chartbreaker #1 on The Chartbreaker
July 25th, 1996
Mirsky's Worst of the Web Mirsky's Worst of the Web
July 22nd, 1996
(For Campaign '96 -- we'll admit it!)
Cool Music Site Cool Music Site of the Week
July 19th, 1996
Web Scout WebScout Cool Links
July 18th, 1996
Yahoo! Yahoo! Pick of the Week
July 15th, 1996
(For Children of the Eighties)
Gap-Toothed! Weekly Gap in the Web
July 8th, 1996
Cool Site of the Nite Cool Site of the Nite
July 6th, 1996
Pick of the Best Pick of the Best
Yahoo! Yahoo! for a Day
June 24th, 1996
(For "The Daily 100")
NetNITCO Site of the Day NetNITCO Site of the Day
June 24th, 1996
Frenzic Site of the Week Frenzic Site Of The Week
June 17th, 1996
Tomorrow's Site of the Day Tomorrow's Site of the Day
June 7th, 1996
Andrew's Cool Sites of the Week Andrew's Cool Sites of the Week
June 3rd, 1996
Life Magazine Life Magazine's
Baby Boomer Issue

June, 1996
SpyNet SpyNet
May, 1996
Rise Top Ten Sites Rise Top Ten Sites
May, 1996
Top 5% Music Sites Top 5% of all Music Sites
May, 1996
HotWired's Surf de Jour HotWired's Surf de Jour
April 29th, 1996
Mainstreet Journal Mainstreet Journal
March, 1996
MetroActive MetroActive's CyberScape
March, 1996
Amplifier The Amplifier
February, 1996
Riddler's Choice Riddler's Choice
February 7, 1996
Too Cool Too Cool
January 30, 1996
ClickStream ClickStreams
January 19, 1996
Short Attention Span Site Short Attention Span
Site of the Week

January, 1996
The Family Jewels Award The Family Jewels Award
January, 1996
Top 5% Top 5%
January, 1996
Dynamite Site of the Nite Dynamite Site of the Nite
November 15, 1995
Wave of the Day Wave of the Day
June, 1995

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