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If you missed the last quiz, test your '80s knowledge even further here.

  Starting Score = 0
  Wrong answer = NO CHANGE TO SCORE
  Right answer = +1
  Score To Advance = 8 OR BETTER

1. What documentary recounted the filmmaker's travails tracking down the Chairman of General Motors and was widely considered the best documentary of 1989?
Roger and Me
Me and Robert
Searching For Bob
Interview With Mr. Smith

2. Bette Midler's first number one hit 'Wind Beneath My Wings' was on the soundtrack to which tearful '80s flick?
An Officer And A Gentleman
Places In The Heart
Steel Magnolias

3. What 1980 Comedy Starred Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, And Bill Murray?
Easy Money
Spies Like Us

4. What team did Dennis Rodman annoy and rebound for throughout the 80s helping them to several championships?
Chicago Bears
Detroit Pistons
Orlando Magic
Miami Heat

5. On what television show did Molly Ringwald get her start?
Silver Spoons
The Facts of Life

6. Madonna's Material Girl video was a tribute to what Hollywood screen legend?
Marilyn Monroe
Eva Gardner
Jane Mansfield
Bette Davis

7. Sting appeared in what David Lynch movie?
Blue Velvet
The Elephant Man

8. What was the name of Def Leppard's fourth LP?
High and Dry
On Through the Night

9. Who defeated the Miami Dolphins to win the 1984 Superbowl?
Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chicago Bears
San Francisco 49ers

10. Adult entertainment experienced a large growth spurt in the '80s mainly due to what?
Invention of VCRs
Both A and B
Neither A or B

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