The New Year's Survey Results

New Year's Eve in the '80s! What were you doing when the ball dropped? Were you having a blast with all your friends or in bed by 10 PM?

Our '80s Server friends shared some of their favorite and least favorite memories from the decade of excess, and we've posted them here so you can read some of their more entertaining responses.

What was your best New Year's Eve in the '80s

Liz, from Savannah, GA, "1989, I found out that I was pregnant for the first time".

Gabrielle from Wyandotte, MI, "Going to a party at a friend of the family's house and watching the MTV top 100 videos countdown and drinking non-alcoholic champagne (I was about 10 or 11 yrs. old). I can't remember exactly what year it was but it was a toss up whether Michael Jackson's Beat It or Every Breath You Take by the Police was going to win. (The Police won BTW.)"

Cari from Camarillo, California, "My Best New Years Eve was when I went to see Poison play in Los Angeles. They had a big New Years Eve Bash and members from Ratt and other bands came on stage afterwards to celebrate. Boy do I miss the 80's."

Jenn from California, "Local concert 2 months after our 7.1 erathquake, 89"

Bob from Linwood, MI, "The best was 89, my first new year's eve party with friends"

Jack from Winona, MN, "The best would be watching the MTV concerts on New Year's eve (back when the 'M' in MTV stood for 'Music'."

Cindy from Belton, MO, "Best and Worst were the same year. New Year's Eve 1987. Spent all night with friends doing whatever we wanted (good). The bad part was that this was my last night in town as I moved on Jan 1 of 1988. I haven't seen my friends since then.

Jamie from Stoughton, MA, "all of my new year's in the 80's were the same as i was just a kid at that point (i'm 25 now). i did the same thing every year. stayed up late & when that ball dropped, i called random #'s & screamed 'happy new year' to whoever answered."

Rob from Kansas City, MO, "Best would be the time that I stayed at my friend's house and we broke into the parents liquor cabinent and then played Motley Crue all night praticing our stage dives off of the couch onto a matress in the middle of the living room floor... but boy did I hurt the next morning!"

Katey from Cincinnati, OH, "They were all pretty much the same.. I was just a kid in the 80s, so I would stay up, eat lots of food, sneak drinks from people's wine coolers.. heh heh bad kid"

Christian from Bucharest, Romania, Europe, "December 89, when communism ended dramatically in Romania, I lived my best and also my worst Christmas' and New Years's Eve"

Melissa from Pompton Plains, NJ, "My best New Year's was in '87 when my boyfriend proposed to me at a Bon Jovi concert"

Stuart from Wise, VA,"1987-Senior in high school. Had a blast hanging out with my friends and later watching MTV's "New Year's Rockin' Eve." They had all those "hair bands" on that were popular then. Great memories!"

What was your worst New Year's Eve in the '80s

Liz, from Savannah, GA, "1983, I had a stomach flu and spent the entire evening throwing up".

Courtney from Crawfordsville, IN, "Actually they were all the same! My parents always took us to the Church Party at the High School! We got to swim and play basketball! I always hate New Years though! My birthday is on 12/30 and my parents always insist on combining the two! I hate that!

Chris from Trenton, MI, "i drank too much and threw up on my friends car"

Sarah from New Hope, MN, "My worst was when I went to a holiday party with a neighbor and the older kids at the party spiked the punch and my friend and I threw-up all the next morning."

Matt from Los Angeles, CA, "Worst: My friends told me they would pick me up at 9:00 at my house and we'd go out, but they never showed. I ended up watching wrestling on TV when the ball dropped."

Michelle from Greenville, S.C., "When I was 16 (which I turned in 1985), I had my first experience with an all-nighter in the "wild life". The most I can remember is that I puked allllllll night long, my boyfriend broke up with me, I wreck my dad's car, I lost my shoes and then I was grounded for 2 months. Lesson learned - now I stay in with my husband (limited drinks, of course)."

Mickey from Lexington, KY, "Sitting at home waiting for my boyfriend to call, and getting a call from my best friend who is at a party, telling me he is there with another girl."

Tania from Trumansburg, NY, "1988/89: Ex-boyfriend who had moved out of state showed up on new year's eve and completely ruined my relationship with my new boyfriend."

Gary from Buena Vista, VA " Worst ('89) - I got stuck in a mudhole... up to my knees in ice b/c the drunk I was w/ got us stuck. We pushed the truck out and had to jump it."

Lyssa from Central NY "The absolute worst New Years Eve, barring none in history, was sitting through my X husband showing me his award winning Kirby Vacum Cleaner sales pitch! Needless to say, we're divorced. I would not wish this on my worst enemy."

Claudia from Columbia, SC, "I think the worst thing about my New Year's Eve's in the 80's was that I didn't do anything special to celebrate! Can't figure out why I wasn't partying as hard as I could while I could, b/c Lord knows know I'm too tired from working to do much. Ah, youth...."

What were some of your New Year's resolutions in the '80s

Kim from Waterloo, IA, "to learn to drive".

Cari from Camarillo, California, "I was a preteen and teenager back then and I clearly remember no more jerks for boyfriends and no more cursing"

Jenn from California, "stop chewing nails"

Bob from Linwood, MI, "stop swearing, lose weight"

Lisa from Greenville, SC, "None stuck, but one did change my life. I made a resolution that I would go to college and I did. However, it was not fun so I dropped out. I got a part-time job at Wal-Mart until I decided what career I would pursue and that is where (at Wal-Mart) I met my husband of 8 years and counting."

Sarah from Chicago, IL, "I think I was convinced I coudl start a band like Jem and the Holograms. I resolved to get started on that one year."

Lori, from Caledonia, Ohio, "get married have a baby by the time I was 25, quit partying so much"

Debbie from Lombard, Illinois "Stop having crushes on guys!"

Blake from Springfield, OH, "start wearing more parachute pants and jams"

Lisa Stamford, Lincs, Great Britain, "to loose as much weight as possible every year!!!"

Did any of your '80s resolutions actually "stick" and change your life ...what were they

Luciana from Belleville, NJ, says " Yes, I quit smoking".

Cari from Camarillo, California, "Nope. None of my resolutions stuck because all my boyfriends were jerks and I still talk like a Truck Driver."

Mark from Wayne, PA, "not really except that i am now a pack-a-day smoker. i wanted a new year's resolution i could keep so i decided to start smoking."

Avril from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, "I have never made a New Years revolution since 1986 and I'm a happier person because of it."

Lori, from Caledonia, Ohio, "yes I got married and had 2 kids before 25 and I did stop partying"

Blake from Springfield, OH, "yes. i still always wear parachute pants and jams"

Lisa Stamford, Lincs, Great Britain, "well I did loose weight and got myself a husband so I suppose you could say it changed my life."

If you could pick a year in the '80s that you'd want to relive, which year would it be and why

Luciana from Belleville, NJ, says "the whole decade cause the music rules".

Liz, from Savannah, GA, "1983, because it was my first full year living on my own in New York City and a great year for finding myself and making great friends that I still keep in touch with today".

Gabrielle from Wyandotte, MI, "1984. The music was awesome, MTV was in its heyday, I was old enough to have fun but too young to have any real responsibilities..."

Cari from Camarillo, California, "It would definately be 1987. I could also say 1989. 1987 because thats when I really started to party. 1989 because I had all the freedom in the world."

Bob from Linwood, MI, "89 - started my senior year, got my first car"

Jack from Winona, MN, "1982. I was a Senior in High School in San Diego, had a great girlfriend, a great car, I even had a life."

Sarah from New Hope, MN "1984 because that was the year I discovered Van Halen. Also the year Madonna released Lucky Star."

Jamie from Stoughton, MA, "I would want to relive them all but at the age i am at now! It was such a great decade (except for the clothes! :))"

Pamela from Tecumseh, MI, "1988. It was the end of my junior year and the beginning of my senior year. I spent the entire year angry at the world and trying to keep up with the Joneses. I wish I could go back, and learn to relax, and appreciate the fact that we were all different for a reason."

Ashley from Erie, MI, "I guess it would have to be 83, the year I was born. I say this because I was a baby and didn't have to do anything for myself. Just sat back and let everyone else take care of me! :)"

Norah from Seattle, WA, "1982--I"d like to quit a job I had that year where the boss was verbally abusive instead of staying at it for over 2 years. It changed my whole outlook on work for the worst"

Jennifer from Dallas, TX, "1989. It was my best year of high school (Junior/Senior). I had the best group of friends, a wonderful boyfriend, and a great job. I really did have a great time."

Katey from Cincinnati, OH, "1986! I'd like to go back and live it at the age I am now, and see things like 'Pretty in Pink', 'Modern Girls' and Depeche Mode's _Black Celebration_ get released thru the eyes of a 20 year old instead of a 7 year old!"

Mark from Ridgefield, New Jersey, "1986...it was the prime of the 80's for me - I was in second grade. Cartoons were awesome, toys were my life, music was smooth, Topps baseball cards had black borders and large font sizes, fashion was great, and I'd do anything to go back to it!"

Ed from Bellevue, WA, "1987...especially the Summer. It was the Summer before my Senior Year. I hadn't learned yet the negative effects of the "recreational substances" I was doing...I was just having a BLAST!!...no real responsibilities...lots of friends!!"

Marlon from Gainesville, Georgia, "1985, great music, great women, great partys! young and no responsibilitys!!!!!!!!plus an awsome car."

Stuart from Wise, VA, "1986-Last semester of my jr. year in h.s. and first semester of my senior year. Great times, great music."

Kimberly from Lyons, Illinois, "1987, I received my 1st fake ID, boy was that a great time"

Claudia from Columbia, SC, "I would have to say 1989--The 90's were looming, Y2K wasn't even really thought of by the masses--and, I had my last year of high school and my years of college ahead of me. It was a time of hopes to come and a time of "I can do anything I want!" Such hopes and dreams grew rampant in my mind, and I often wonder if dreams will ever come as easily to me as they did then."

When Prince's "Party Like It's 1999" came out in 1982, did you make plans to party in 1999? What were those plans.

Liz, from Savannah, GA, "I thought I would be too old to want to do anything".

Gabrielle from Wyandotte, MI, "nope. i did think about what i'd be doing then though and i imagined something much more exciting than what i'm doing in reality.

Jenn from California, "Times Square, NYC"

Bob from Linwood, MI, "Some friends and I were going to meet in the mall parking lot 'if the mall is still there'. If not, we'd meet where the mall used to be."

Courtney, Crawfordsville, IN "All my little elementry school friends were going to throw a huge party, of course the only song on the dance floor was going to be "Party Like It's 1999!" I think the majority of those kids moved by the time we hit Jr. High! As for the rest of us, you just never know!!

Courtney from San Diego, Ca "To go to New Orleans, drink those Hurricanes on Bourbon St."

Matt from Los Angeles, CA, "No, I never thought I would reach '99 alive."

Mark from Wayne, PA, "i had no idea what i was going to do in 1999. it seemed SO far away i just never thought about it."

Sarah from Chicago, IL, "I was going to be traveling around in my private space jet with my friends."

Kathy from Kirksville, MO,"No plans were made. Just wanted to survive until then (ha)!"


Kerry from Basking Ridge, NJ, "I thought I'd be married with kids, and probably thought I'd be home -- 28 seemed so old."

Pamela from Tecumseh, MI, "I think I was just caught up in the fact that I would be almost 30 by then and I thought I would be too old to party."

Melodie from Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada, "I made a pact to get married to a guy named Stan if we weren't hitched by 2000. I am spending it with my husband Dan. Stan is still single. I think I broke his heart."

Christian from Bucharest, Romania, Europe "I wanted to have a free Christams Eve...and here we go, then years after communism, we can celebrate it as we wish"

Misty from Winston-Salem, NC, "No way, I hated that song and still do!"

Stuart from Wise, VA, "My friends and I talked about getting together and playing this song (cliche huh?)"

Lisa from Nelson, New Zealand, "No cause I wasn't born yet but I know the song and planed to party when it was 1999 and I did"

What are your ACTUAL plans for the New Year's Eve

Cari from Camarillo, California, "TO PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jenn from California, "Sit at home with cats, drinking bottle of Champaigne that my boss gave to me as a Christmas bonus. Pathetic, huh?"

Bob from Linwood, MI, "Watch Dick Clark and hope I don't get called in to work."

Linda from Hundson, MI, "To stay home and watch people panic over something that isn't going to happen"

Terry from Vancouver, BC, "Having fun in MEXICO!!"

Avril from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, "I'm going to a friends house with my husband and children (along with her husband and child) and play cards. We will probably be in bed by 12:01."

Danny from Branch, MO, "I Have To work New Years Eve Parties"

Bob from Lexington, NC "My plans are dictated by the people who pay my bills. I'll be at the office from 10PM Dec 31st to 2AM Jan 1st., just in case anything happens, like it will.

Peter from Berlin, NH, "stay home and watch movies. Then watch Dick Clark drop the ball on New York."

Mike from Long Island, NY, "Sit home and avoid the maniacs."

Rob from Kansas City, MO, "On Call... nuff said, #$%[email protected]*!% Y2K!"

Griphon from Honolulu, HI, "Pop fire crackers with my sister and her fiance. This year will be special because I didn't think I would make it to see this new millinium due to my recklessness as a youth."

Katey from Cincinnati, OH, "Since I'm in the UK now, it's gonna be awesome!!!! They REALLY know how to party in this country! I'm taking this survey 7 hours before 2000 in London.. so soon I shall be dancing, drinking and basically just partying my arse off with my wonderful fiance! (FINALLY I have someone to kiss on New Year's - yeah yeah, pathetic!)"

Cyndy from Sylvania, GA, "Stay home with my kids and watch the ball drop in Times Square."

Stuart from Wise, VA, "Sit home and drink champagne with my wife."

Blake from Springfield, OH, "stay at home. i'm too old these days.."

What are your New Year's resolutions for the year 2000

Luciana from Belleville, NJ, says "to lose some weight".

Rachel from Spencer, WI, "hmm, usually never make any, 'cause I don't stick to them--I guess I'd like to strive for a better 2nd semester at college. This involves getting down to the grind and studying, putting forth the extra effort when necessary. My grades this semester weren't bad really, but they could be better. I'd also like to know God on a personal level--ever since I've been confirmed, I seemed to have gone "downhill" as far as my faith is concerned. In the process I hope to improve my attitude and get a better feeling as to why I'm here on earth. Losing weight would be a good one too, but I can't see it happening, for I've tried in the past--guess I'll just have to try harder! Ever try walking on ice in the winter?

Gabrielle from Wyandotte, MI, "To jog all the way around the circumference of Prospect Park (Brooklyn), to learn how to successfully meditate, and to give up red meat, pork, and poultry for good."

Cari from Camarillo, California, "To stop my bad habits. To make this world a much better place somehow. To do something special for the needy. To help find Missing Children."

Jenn from California, "Move into a better house."

Bob from Linwood, MI, "stop swearing, lose weight"

Courtney, Crawfordsville, IN "To have more fun!!!!"

Linda from Hudson, MI, "To find a job I like and just enjoy life"

Courtney from San Diego, Ca "Quit Smoking"

Sarah from New Hope, MN "Quit smoking"

Emma from New Zealand NO STATE SICK OF BEING ASKED MY STATE AARGH!!!!! "lose weight, be more 'perfect' e.g. use my car cover!! increase my CD collection, travel overseas some more and live overseas--wooHOO!!"

Terry from Vancouver, BC, "Resolutions are useless!"

Brianna from "Indy"napolis, Indiana "to do my best in everything i do. ecpecially with raising my children. i want to be the best mother i can possibly be to them!!!"

Lauri from Neosho, MO, "Find a more fulfilling career...make more time for my kids...I would like to lose weight, but I'm not stressing about it...find someone to spend my time with..."

Mitzi from Detroit, MI, "I think that other people should change, not me."

Gina from Caledonia, MO, "to start writing things down because I can't remember anything anymore"

Bonnie from Paragould, AR, "To not make any resolutions and just try to fix the things in me that I find wrong in others."

Steve from Greene, NY, "none - I never keep them, so I stopped trying. Much less pressure that way!!!!"

Rob from Kansas City, MO, "didn't make any.... why ruin a good thing?"

Kelly from Cincinnati, Ohio, "The usual..lose some weight,make it through my wedding without killing anyone,quit smoking"

Blake from Springfield, OH, "stop wearing parachute pants and jams.. i look like a dork."

Lisa from Nelson, New Zealand, "study hard as I have school cert, not to be naughty, get a motorbike of some sort"

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