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The 80s are alive and kicking at The 80's Server! Become a member of The 80's Server and find yourself launched to the head of the A-List. As an 80s Server member, these exclusive offers will all be yours:

Lexicon Magazine 80s Server members get an exclusive glimpse into past issues of this great magazine about 80s Pop Culture and receive a $1.00 discount on a subscription to the print version of Lexicon. Subscribe today!
The 80's Server Jukebox. Our collection of the greatest music of the 80s is now mixed with a high-powered java trivia server to bring you the best in multimedia entertainment.
The 80's Server Crossword Puzzle The 80's Server Crossword puzzle is updated every week with a challenging new puzzle based on 80's culture. Check out The 80's Server Crossword Puzzle today!
Sliding Tile Puzzle The 80's Server Sliding Tile Puzzles will keep you glued to your computer until the next time the 80s role around. There are versions available both in Java and for WebTV users depending on your browser's capabilities.
Megalibrary If it has happened, it's in our Megalibrary.
  • Entertainment - We've got all the award winners for the Grammys, Oscars, Tonys, and Emmys dating back to 1950 all for you!
  • Sports - All the greatest athletes are now in one place alongside their awards and achievements. Also, there's a timeline of great sporting events dating back to 1950.
  • History - History buffs rejoice because we've got a great timeline of all the important events of the past 50 years.
  • Technology - Follow all the great technological advancements of the past fifty years in this great timeline of events.
Hits Story Ever wonder what the hits songs were on this day in the 80s? Well, we have it hear for you in a comprehensive listing of all the top ten hits of the 80s week by week.
Spotlight Every few month The 80s Server spotlights a different celebrity or event from the 80s, bringing you back in touch with a certain element of the 80s that made that decade so great.
T-Shirts and Mousepads. THE uniform of any dedicated 80s lover, Rob Lowe wouldn't be caught dead without his. Become an 80s Server and get a 15% discount on your 80's Server T-shirt and Mousepad today!
Become an 80's Server member and find out what it's like to hang out with the coolest crowd on the web!

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