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When you close your eyes and think back to the 1980s it is inevitable that you will lock onto one of the following when pondering movies -- Molly Ringwold, The Ghostbusters, Eddie Murphy, E.T., Yoda, Indiana Jones, Ferris Bueller, Rocky Balboa... etc. etc. etc.

It will come to you as no surprise that we feel that the films of the 1980s were among the best ever produced. The best? Well, perhaps not THE best but certainly near the top. Ok, well, maybe "Tootsie" will never be regarded as a better film than "Some Like It Hot" nor "Caddyshack" establish a place in history as a great sports flick, but as far as we're concerned at The 80s Server, these movies are classics. (Perhaps a nod to Bill Murray who was in both?!? Hmmm...)

All in all, the theatres of the past decade brought billions of movie-goers out of their homes to see the latest and the greatest. Now in the days of video rental and "straight-to-video" releases coupled with impressive home audio-visual equipment, movie-fanatics are offered the opportunity to create their very own private movie theatres. Is the thrill of venturing out to the big screen gone? We doubt it... yet, nothing will ever compete with the days of slouching back in the theatre seat complaining because the armrest cup holder can't hold a large drink and looking up to see a "Sixteen Candles" or "The Karate Kid" on the big screen.

We'd like to thank the Internet Movie Database -- the end-all, be-all movie source on the web -- for saving us months of work collecting the necessary information to complete this section.
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