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Little did Bryant Adkins know how popular his college newspaper article "Don't Call Me 'Generation X,' Call Me a Child of the Eighties" would become. Here is our tribute to the Children. Great site. I'm a first-time visitor and I'll be coming back often.

This is the biggest and the best site devoted to eighties fads, popular culture, and fashion.
-Fashion Flashbacks

Before "Friends" ruled television, "The Cosby Show" and "Family Ties" gave us a reason to tune in on Thursday nights; Gary Coleman asked Willis what he was talking about and every girl wanted Don Johnson...

Indiana Jones. Ghostbusters. The Empire Strikes Back. The Breakfast Club. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Rainman. Airplane! Amadeus. Rocky III. Raising Arizona. Has it been a while? Seating is unlimited in this theatre...

From Michael Jackson to Cyndi Lauper, from Bon Jovi to Bananarama, and from The Motels to Men Without Hats -- it's all here! Stop, look, and listen once again to the music that made the decade...

From The Olympic Games of '80, '84, and '88 to the World Series, from the Super Bowls to the NBA Finals and all points in-between... we aim to list 'em all here within this section for the sports enthusiast in all of you.

On Board our online forum for you to post questions, answers, complaints, comments, whatever... we just want to hear what you think! The '80s Server OnBoard Forum is the place to go for information on any topic of the '80s you can think of ... from Boy George's make-up scheme to Madonna's shoe size.

The Decade of Greed can't go without its merchandising, right? Here's the info on how to order the '80s Server T-shirt, Lexicon and Aquatulle.

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