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Academy Awards
Amadeus...Sally Field...F. Murray Abraham...
The Cosby Show...Cagney & Lacey...The Jewel in the Crown...
The Real Thing...La Cage aux Folles ...
"What's Love Got To Do With It"...Can't Slow Down...Cyndi Lauper...
Nobel Prizes
Desmond Tutu...
Pulitzer Prizes
Glengarry Glen Ross...Ironweed...
Los Angeles Raiders
Detroit Tigers
Boston Celtics...Georgetown...
John McEnroe...Martina Navratilova...
World Soccer Cup: N/A
Americas Cup: N/A
Fuzzy Zoeller...Lee Trevino...
Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers
Tour de France: Laurent Fignon (France) [Team: Renault]
Larry Holmes...Tim Witherspoon...Pinklon Thomas...Greg Page...
Auto Racing
Indianapolis 500: Rick Mears
The Olympics
USSR Boycotts...
Horse Racing
Kentucky Derby: Swale
Memorable People Include
Clara Peller...Jesse Jackson...Walter Mondalde...
Geraldine Ferraro...Marvin Gaye...Baby Fae...
Indira Gandhi...William Schroeder...Bernhard Goetz...


  • Restaurant chain Wendy's begins a new ad campaign starring Clara Peller, whose tagline "Where's the beef?" becomes an instant hit. Peller, flanked by Mildred Lane and Elizabeth Shaw, go on to make 4 commercials and the series earns a Clio award.

  • Beach Boy Dennis Wilson drowns at the age of 39.

January 10

  • The United States resumes diplomatic ties with The Vatican after 117 years.

January 13

  • An operating license was withheld from a nearly completed nuclear power plant in Illinois.

January 17

  • The U.S. Supreme Court rules that it is legal for people to record TV broadcasts for home use.

January 21

  • "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes begins a 2-week reign as the number 1 song.

January 25

  • In a faux paux that would play a major role in his losing the Democratic nomination for president, Jesse Jackson refers to Jews as "hymies" and New York City as "Hymietown".

January 27

  • A smoke bomb explodes during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, setting Michael Jackson's hair on fire. The fire causes 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his scalp and sends the joke "What did Michael Jackson do when his hair caught fire? Beat It" through junior high schools everywhere.

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  • The first black Miss America, Vanessa Williams, is forced to step down after Penthouse published old nude pictures of her with another woman.

July 21

  • James Fixx, fitness expert and author of "The Complete Book of Running", dies of a heart attack (while jogging) at the age of 52.

July 26

  • The US government guaranteed loans of 4.5 billion by the Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company, making it the largest federal loan guarantee in history.

August 11

August 13

  • Actor Richard Burton dies at the age of 58. He has died, Horatio.

August 20-23

  • Ronald Reagan is nominated by the Republican party for a second term as president of the United States. He will keep George Bush as his vice-presidential candidate.

August 30-September 5

  • The third of four Space Shuttles, Discovery, makes its maiden voyage. The flight includes Judith Resnick, the second US woman in space after Sally Ride.

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