The Emmys... televisions mark of excellence. First presented in January of 1949 by the newly formed Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Emmys didn't truly pick up much of a following until 1955 when the show enjoyed its first nationally televised program. Ceremonies continued peacefully through 1976 until the Hollywood and New York chapters of the Academy began to argue about who had the right to award Emmys. Eventually, when the dust settled, the television viewing audience was to be served Emmys for prime-time entertainment programs by the Hollywood-based Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and daytime, sports and local shows by the New York-based National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Make sense? Good. Let's move on...

No matter how you look at it, television during the 1980s was peppered with some truly great acting. Aside from the programs like "Misfits of Science," "Riptide," and the ever-popular "Rubik the Amazing Cube," televisions finest brought forth their efforts to entertain millions. The following sections outline those people who made '80s television just that much better.
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