The Daytime Emmys: 1989-1990

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series -- Santa Barbara (NBC); Jill Farren Phelps and Jon Conboy, executive producers; Steven Kent, senior supervising producer; Charlotte Savitz, supervising producer; Julie Hanan Carruthers, producers.

Outstanding Lead Actor -- A Martinez, Santa Barbara (NBC)

Outstanding Lead Actress -- Kim Zimmer, Guiding Light (NBC)

Outstanding Actor In A Supporting Role For A Daytime Drama Series -- Henry Darrow, Santa Barbara (NBC)

Outstanding Actress In A Supporting Role For A Daytime Drama Series -- Julia Barr, All My Children (ABC)

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team -- Michael Gliona, Rick Bennewitz, Robert Schiller, directors; Pamela Fryman, Jeanine Guarneri-Frons, associate directors, Santa Barbara (NBC)

Outstanding Writing For A Daytime Drama Series -- Pamela K. Long, head writer; Nancy Curlee and Trent Jones, associate head writers; Jeff Ryder, story consultant; Stephen Demorest, script editor; Garrett Foster, Peter Brash, and Nancy Williams, breakdown writers; Patty Gideon Sloan and Richard Culliton, breakdown/script writers; N. Gail Lawrence, Pete T. Rich, Melissa Salmons, script writers, Guiding Light (CBS)

Outstanding Host or Hostess In A Game or Audience Participation Show -- (tie) Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! (Syndicated)
Bob Barker, The Price Is Right (CBS)

Outstanding Host or Hostess In A Talk/Service Series -- Joan Rivers, The Joan Rivers Show (Syndicated)

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