The Daytime Emmys: 1987-1988

Outstanding Daytime Drama Series -- Santa Barbara (NBC); Jill Farren Phelps and Bridget Dobson, executive producers; Steven Kent, supervising producer; Leonard Friedlander and Julie Hanan, producers.

Outstanding Lead Actor -- David Canary, All My Children (ABC)

Outstanding Lead Actress -- Helen Gallagher, Ryan's Hope (ABC)

Outstanding Actor In A Supporting Role For A Daytime Drama Series -- Justin Deas, Santa Barbara (NBC)

Outstanding Actress In A Supporting Role For A Daytime Drama Series -- Ellen Wheeler, All My Children (ABC)

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team -- Heather Hill, Rudy Vejar, and Frank Pacelli, directors; Randy Robbins and Betty Rothenberg, associate directors, The Young and the Restless (CBS)

Outstanding Writing For A Daytime Drama Series -- Peggy O'Shea, head writer; Agnes Nixon, Clarice Blackburn, Lorraine Broderick, Susan Kirshenbaum, Kathleen Klein, Karen L. Lewis, Victor Miller, Megan, McTavish, Elizabeth Page, Peggy Sloan, Gillian Spencer, Elizabeth Wallace, Wisner Washam, Mary K. Wells, and Jack Wood, writers. All My Children (ABC)

Outstanding Host or Hostess In A Game or Audience Participation Show -- Bob Barker, The Price Is Right (CBS)

Outstanding Host or Hostess In A Talk/Service Series -- Phil Donahue, Donahue (Syndicated)

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