The Official "Rewind" FAQ

What exactly is Rewind?

Rewind is The '80s Server's version of 'Name The Song,' utilizing snippets of popular songs of the 1980s. Try to identify the title of each song. (Do not include the artist or your answer will be judged as incorrect.) You compete against all the other players, and the winner of each game is listed forever in our Hall of Fame.


What is the difference between the Demo version of the Game and the Full/VIP/Member's Only Version of the game?

Play the DEMO version of RewindThe Demo Version of the game lets you try out Rewind before you play the Full Version of the game. Essentially, it lets you take Rewind out for a "test-drive"! It plays exactly like the Full Version, but it is loaded with only one game. So, if you come back tomorrow to play the Demo again, you'll be playing the same game. Of course, there's a benefit to that ... you'll get better and better as the days go by!

Remember, even though it is a Demo Version, you must register first. That way, we can keep score for you!

Play the full, VIP version of Rewind The Full Version of the game is available to our VIP Members of the '80s Server and Music Fan Clubs. The full version features:

  • A new game every day.
  • Each day's game features three new rounds with six songs each.
  • Your score is tabulated and posted along with the scores of other players all over the world who played the game in the same 24-hour period.


How can I play the Full/Member's Only Version of the game?
How do I become an '80s VIP Member

Simply fill out our online form, which you can access through the links at the bottom of the VIP Membership Information page. And when you're done, log in to play! Membership gives you a ton of benefits: You'll be happy to discover that the 80s Server and Music Fan Clubs have many other great games, quizzes and trivia to play!


Why does it play the clips from the last game?

If you play the game and find that the game is loading old music clips from previous games, the problem is usually the result of your browser calling up the old clip from your disk cache instead of downloading the new clip from our site. To alleviate this problem, the easiest fix is to hold down the SHIFT key while you click onto the "reload" or "refresh" button. If that doesn't work, then exit the browser program, restart the program, and reload the page. For more information on how to clear your browser's disk cache, check your browser's help file.


How is the game organized?

Each game lasts one week and has seven rounds with six sets of sound clips and clues. For each of the six songs, there is a text clue and sound samples in lengths of 1, 3, 5, and 7 seconds. Points are awarded based upon which sample you have to listen to before identifying the song.

A new round begins everyday at midnight!! We do not recommend that you play near the closing of the game (midnight Central Time. That's GMT -5:00 April-October, GMT -6:00 the rest of the year.) because the game will be closed right out from under you. If you are playing close to quitting time, you'll be warned.


How does scoring work?

Points are awarded based upon the amount of each song you must listen to before you can identify the title:
1 second - 40 points
3 seconds - 20 points
5 seconds - 10 points
7 seconds - 5 points
Can't identify - 0 points

It is possible to score up to 240 points per round and up to 1680 points per game. Your total score reflects the total for the game, not for the round. You can see how you rank among other scoring players by viewing the Current Standings. The list of winners can be seen in the Hall of Fame. Starting with Game 8, you will be able to see an archive of all the players' scores as well here.


What format are the sounds in?

The sounds are in 8-bit au format. Players using Internet Explorer, WebTV or Netscape version 1.1 or above should have the ability to play this format. However, if you are not using one of these browsers or have trouble playing the sounds, read the section on sound clips or contact Eddie.

We are assuming, by the way, that your computer has sound capability... :)


How do I register to play?

Just visit the registration page. You get to pick your own UserID and password. You must also supply a valid email address to be able to play. When you register, a confirmation notice will be immediately emailed to you.

Your UserID and password can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers). Any other characters will be stripped out, and uppercase letters will be reduced to lowercase. This is why your UserID and password are displayed right after you register, so you can be aware of any changes from what you typed.


How accurate do my answers have to be?

Spelling tolerance is always being tweaked. Hopefully we now have a fair balance between accepting acceptable answers and disallowing unacceptable answers. Type as much of the title as you can. Our spell checker will allow you to enter titles such as "whisper to a cream" in order to score points for "Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly)". However, this does not mean that all close answers are accepted. If a song title contains a segment in parentheses, your best bet is *usually* to type the entire title. However, in cases where the song is *commonly* known by a shorter version of the title, the commonly-known title is usually sufficient.

Another thing to consider is that the shorter the title of a song, the fewer incorrect letters it takes to make that song wrong. Be careful! :)

There is one hitch. If there is a number in the song title, in most cases you will need to type the number as it appears on the album. "Ninety-Nine" and "99" aren't interchangeable.


Why don't you tell me the right answer on the ones I miss?

What are you talking about? The answers are now revealed! :) After each full game, the answers to the previous three rounds will be archived in our "Answers" area.


I think my answer was close enough, will you give me the points if I send you email?

Nope, that wouldn't be fair to other players. Life's rough, huh?


Can I skip a turn?

You can now skip on to the next song by hitting the "Give Up" button. Keep in mind that if you do so, you will not be allowed to go back and try to identify the song later.


Are there any prizes?

Yes, the satisfaction of seeing your name forever emblazoned in the Hall of Fame! :)


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