The rebellion needs you, Jedi apprentice! Your first mission is to help rescue Han Solo from the stronghold of Jabba the Hutt! You'll need to get seven of the ten questions correct to help him escape safely! May the force be with you!

1. The first time Han Solo is shown, he is frozen in

the snows of Hoth.
the freezer section of the supermarket on Endor.
the pit of Korfu.

2. Jabba the Hutt is killed when

his sail barge is destroyed.
Chewbacca blasts him.
Leia strangles him.
stormtroopers attack his stronghold.

3. Jabba threatens to throw Leia

into the pit of Korfu.
into Sarlac.
into the Dune Sea.
He doesn't threaten to throw her anywhere.

4. In a surprise move, Han leads a team to

destroy the shield generator.
get carryout pizza for the rebels.
attack the Death Star.
help Luke escape from the Death Star.

5. According to Luke, what is the last mistake that Jabba will ever make?

Not buying a fast food franchise.
Not becoming allies with the rebels.
Not releasing Princess Leia to him.
None of the above.

6. On a mission to Endor, Luke and the others manage to get by the Empire's ships by

sneaking around to the other side of the planet.
fighting their way past them.
using a stolen code.
hiding in an Imperial star destroyer.

7. Leia befriends the Ewoks by

dressing in a scanty neglige.
offering one of them food.
performing a ritual ceremony.
defending them from Imperial troops.

8. Commander Needa is

the Commander of the Death Star.
the Commander of the super star destroyer.
the Commander of the Imperial stormtroopers on the surface of Endor.
not in this movie.

9. The Ewoks

are the best pilots the Empire has.
decide to help the rebels against the Empire.
think Princess Leia is an incredible babe.
are annoying bovine creatures.

10. Luke escapes the Death Star's destruction with

Darth Vader.
Princess Leia.
Han Solo.
Lando Calrissian.

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