The Griswolds have more guests than they expected for the holiday, and they don't have any extra presents. They have room for ten additional presents around the Christmas tree. You'll manage to give them one more present for each question you answer correctly. If you don't get them at least seven presents you'll have to repeat this level of the quiz.
1. Before Christmas vacation, what was Clark's latest project at work?

a. Starch spray
b. Crunch enhancer
c. Non-stick spray
d. Sugar enhancer

2. Clark's coffee cup is in the shape of

a. Mickey Mouse
b. Donald Duck
c. Tasmanian Devil
d. Porky Pig

3. How many strands of imported twinkling lights does Clark staple to the house?

a. 190
b. 285
c. 300
d. 250

4. What skill did Clark's father teach him?

a. Everything he knows about exterior illumination.
b. Everything he knows about decorating Christmas trees.
c. Everything he knows about carving a turkey.
d. Everything he knows about picking out Christmas presents.

5. Why aren't Ruby Sue's eyes crossed anymore?

a. The Veterans Administration threw in an extra procedure for free last fall.
b. She was kicked by a mule.
c. She fell down a well and landed on her head.
d. The doctor said the electrical wires in their back yard must have caused the situation to reverse itself.

6. What is Catherine and Eddie's dog's name?

a. Spot
b. Scooter
c. Snot
d. Samson

7. Why isn't Eddie and Catherine's oldest daughter with them this Christmas?

a. She got an offer from a corporate worm farm to act as vice president in charge of acquisitions.
b. She married a rodeo clown.
c. She joined a cult and moved to New Jersey.
d. She is drying out from Wild Turkey.

8. What caused Eddie to wet his pants and forget his name for a half hour?

a. Getting kicked in the head by a mule.
b. Peeing on an electrical fence.
c. The microwave interferring with the metal plate in his head.
d. Eating cereal with a new-fangled crunch enhancer.

9. Why hasn't Eddie worked in seven years?

a. The fertilizer plant hasn't met OSHA standards yet.
b. He's holding out for a management position.
c. He really wants that job at the 7-11, but Roscoe won't quit.
d. He's become a stay-at-home father.

10. What is Clark's dad's name?

a. Dean
b. Bob
c. Clark
d. Russel

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