In our Poltical Survey we asked our 80's Server friends to share what they thought about global politicians in the '80s.

Here's what you had to say!

Who were some of your favorite politicians of the 80's, and why?

Tomecka chose Geraldine Ferraro: "She was a strong, independent woman."

Bob S chose Margaret Thatcher: "She was a strong leader, and didn't seem to court popularity."
JR also chose Margaret Thatcher, and had this to say: "...She was a woman with one of the most powerful jobs in the world. She represented the normalcy of women in the workplace (with powerful jobs), which made the 80s the first time in history that women with jobs was not a big deal anymore."

Christine picked Jimmy Carter: "He has done so much since being president. He started the habitat for humanity. He is also a good mediator, and trys to keep the peace."

Tom chose our most popular political figure for this question, Ronald Reagan: "He restored leadership and patriotism."
Chris B also chose Reagan: " He had the brains to realize his limitations. He surrounded himself with the brightest minds of his era, then kicked back and relaxed. He understood his strong suit was public speaking, not policy making. He made sure he found strong policy makers and let them do their thing."
In addition Joe M had this to say about former President Reagan as well: "He put the USA military back to a #1 standing and put pride back in the armed services."

R.K. liked Ed Broadbent: "...One of the few good left wing politicians in the decade, ie no reagonomics."

Lee chose Jesse Jackson: "He had a lot of influence in the African-American community. He built coalitions."

Rich picked Ted Kennedy: "...A True Democrat."

Jimcat liked Mikhail Gorbachev: "He was a leader with courage and honesty. He was not afraid to question the existing world order, or to confront what was really wrong with his nation. He put a human face on the Soviet Union, and presided over its transition into a more democratic state.

Who were some of your least favorite politicians of the 80's, and why?

Colleen most disliked Michael Dukakis: He was someone "I did not feel real good about from the beginning"
Lisa T also picked Dukakis: "I was raised in MA where he was governor and he did a lousy job. The bad got worse and the good was far and few between."

Deanna chose James Watt: "This interior secretary was forced to resign because he called the members of an advisory panel" a number of derogatory names. "He was very degrading in his comments, and bigotry is not something we need in our government leaders."

Josh B picked Ronald Reagan: "He messed up the American economy, and got too involved in trying to run the world with the Marines."
Keith T also chose Reagan: "He seemed mean and non-caring about others. I think he's responsible for this attitude continuing to permeate society."

Jillyan L most disliked Dan Quayle: "He was not a very good man. I felt that he never knew what he was talking about. He was like a puppet."

Robert R chose Sarah Brady: "She wanted to destroy the right to keep and bear arms."

John K picked Mario Cuomo: "He really screwed up New York."

Which politician of the 80's had the greatest effect on shaping the world as it is today, and why?

Karris chose our most popular pick Ronald Reagan: "For better or worse, during his eight years in office, the world changed quite a bit, from direct and indirect influences of his policies, such as Star Wars. I believe he was greatly responsible for the Berlin Wall coming down, through his policies on Russia."

Here are some other comments about Reagan's leadership and it's effects on the world today.

Deanna had this to say: "He was refreshing to America Government."
Lee commented: "He presided over the end of the cold war. He shaped US military defense policy and continued the US's dominance of foreign policy."
Jeff P thought: "He cost us a lot of money with his 'spend spend spend' economics."
Ryan J had this to say: "Reagan kept nuclear war at bay and upheld high standards that have many longing for those good ol' 80s when a leader had morality."
Carrie stated: "We desire another president with his level of confidence and patriotism."
Tyrel T had this to say: "He had enourmous power and influence. He was a reactionary, who had wit and charisma. Even though I pretty much hated him he could do anything he wanted. We still have a national debt today, largely on his part. The republican revolution of 1994, was due largely on his part -- basically giving birth to the "Reagan revolution" and archconservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Ralph Reed, and Pat Buchanan."

Colleen chose George Bush: "He was a very good politician."
Andria also chose Bush: Because "he got us through the gulf war."

Josh B picked Mikhail Gorbachev: "He changed the USSR into Russia. Without his work, Yeltsin would not have been able to implement perestroika, and the cold war would never have ended."
Lloyd M also picked Gorbachev: "He changed the face of communism and made people look at the Russian people differently."
Jimcat had this to say about Gorbachev: "The fall of communism shattered all our assumptions about history and politics, and ushered in the next stage of history."

Jillyan L chose Margaret Thatcher: "She was the first female prime minister. She let the world know that women can run a country."
Nomis P also chose Thatcher: "People listened to Maggie, I think she was an educator as well as a politician."

Judy chose Jimmy Carter: "He was a peanut farmer and he became President. Now he is a world peace leader. Just a nice guy."

What was your favorite/least favorite political commercial in the 80's?

Deanna: "I got extremely fed up with the mudslinging from Ann Richards during the gubernatorial races in Texas.

Pooky's least favorite: "Willie Horton, the revolving door. It was over broadcast."

Jillyan L's favorite: "The Lloyd Benson / Dan Quayle debate commercial."

Brett's favorite: "Dukakis riding in the tank with his helmet on."

Alex M: "The 'Is this the person you want running your country?' ad... anti Mondale / Ferraro."

Harvey disliked: "That hypocritical Willie Horton ad."

Jimcat favorite: "It really wasn't a political commercial, but Clara Peller's 'Where's the beef?' commercials for Wendy's made a lasting impression when that line was used in the 1984 presidential campaign."

Jason: "The one about a man on death row in Massachusetts written for the Bush campaign in 1988."

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