Aloha! These tests are for your own good. If you do not like them, I can make you. If you pass, you will be deemed an Honorary Graduate from Ridgemont High and given a diploma.

There are five tests total, each containing ten questions. You will have to score progressively better throughout testing, but for test #1, you can squeak by with a 60%.

Good luck, and do well.

Starting Score = 0%
Wrong answer = +0
Right answer = +10
Desired result = Greater than or equal to 60%

1. Spicoli's first name is:


2. In the movie, Mike Damone:

works at Seven Eleven.
is a surfer bud of Spicoli's.
is a ticket scalper.
works at the mall.

3. Ridgemont's football star is:

James Jackson
Chuck Jefferson
Derrick Jackson
Charles Jefferson

4. Brad Hamilton first works at:

the mall.
All American Burger.
Captain Charlies Fish 'n Food.
Pacific Pizza.

5. The sign which Brad points out to Spicoli and his buds reads:

"No service, no food, if no shirt."
"No shirt, no service, and no dice."
"No shoes, no shirt, no dice."
"No shirt, no shoes, no dice."

6. Stacy Hamilton is played by actress:

Amanda Wyss
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Phoebe Cates
Demi Moore

7. What is not allowed in U.S. History?


8. Brad shouldn't have to clean the pool because:

he works too much as it is.
he doesn't swim.
he is a single successful guy.
he takes out the garbage.

9. For U.S. History both Spicoli and Stacy have:

Mr. Hand
Mr. Vargas
Dr. Miller
Mark "Cutback" Davis

10. According to Spicoli:

"tasty buds really make my day."
"surfing is not a sport, its a way of life."
"we should be excellent to each other."
"danger is surfing, and surfing is life."

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