by Gennifer Birnbach and Dale Cunningham

Admit it. Somewhere in the early '80s you found yourself collecting these little blue people. Before Blueman Group there was the one and only original Smurf. But for some reason, some of these were never included in Papa Smurf's camp.

Shadow Dancing Smurf
Lipstick Lesbian Smurf
Merv Griffin Smurf
Back Stabbin' Smurf
Lip Smacker Smurf
Glue-Sniffin' Smurf
Moist & Chewy Smurf
Flat out obnoxious Smurf
Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am Smurf
Toughskins Floods Smurf
Boca Raton Smurf
Push Push in the Bush Smurf
In Flight Snack Smurf
4 Martini Lunch Smurf
Get your Fuckin' hands off me Smurf

Iced Smurf
Flexible groin Smurf
C&C Music Factory Smurf
You Want a piece of me? Smurf
I Have a headache Smurf
Feathered Hair Smurf
America's Funniest Smurf
Match Game PM Smurf
For a Buck I'll Smurf
Swings Boy Ways Smurf
Circus of the Stars Smurf
WWW.Smurf.com Smurf
Parachute Pants Smurf
Frumpy Smurf
Purple Nurple Smurf
Something is in your tooth Smurf
From Da Hood Smurf
Coffee Jitters Smurf
Freedom Rock Smurf
Heaven's Gate Smurf
Psychic Hotline Smurf
Scratch N Sniff Smurf
Morning After Smurf
Last Call Smurf
Dumb as Nails Smurf
Wicked Bad Temper Smurf
Blind as a Bat Smurf
Surf and Turf Smurf
Mocha Smurfaccino
Slip N' Slide Smurf
The Smurf Cowboy
Sally Struther's Save the Children Smurf (Special Edition)
Binge and Purge Smurf
Bodacious Ta Ta Smurf
Hamburger Helper Smurf
Pull My Finger Smurf

Hazardous Material Smurf
Wet and Wild Smurf
Po' White Trash Smurf
Cheatin' Heart Smurf
Holy Shit?!?!? Was that a Smurf Smurf
Nice Ass Smurf
Celine Dion Smurf
I've Come to fix the sink Smurf
Long Duk Dong Smurf
Acid Wash Smurf
Sweatin' to the Oldies Smurf
Pee Pee Pants Smurf
Minty Fresh Smurf
Elvis Smurf
Office Ho' Smurf
Mime Smurf
Can I Borrow a Dine? Smurf
Turn & Cough Smurf
10% Off Smurf
Kiss My Smurf
Sit N Spin Smurf
Stop Drop & Smurf

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