Takeover Rules
  1. Register to play. It's easy. It's free. It's well worth your time. And you won't be able to play without a login. Head to the Registration page and with a few small steps you're ready to go!
  2. After you login successfully, you need to select a letter...X or O. This will be your letter throughout the day's game so choose well or you'll be bummin'.
  3. Once you login and choose your letter, the gameboard screen will appear. Simply choose the box you want and a question magically appears.
  4. You have 45 seconds to answer the question. Answer it correctly and you takeover that square, but if you're wrong you lose that square.
  5. The gameboard will automatically refresh to update any changes after each turn.
  6. The rest of the game is like Tic-Tac-Toe and if you need instructions to that you need more help than these rules can provide.
  7. WATCH OUT FOR THE PACMAN!!! If you choose the box which he occupies, the Pacman will rise up in vengance and change all the boxes you've taken over to the other side. You could lose as a result, so avoid the Pacman at all costs!!!
  8. Scores accumulate throughout the week (M-F) and reset each Monday.
Takeover FAQ
1. What's the point of the Pacman? Why is the Pacman so evil?
The challenge facing us when developing this game was to figure out a way of keeping scores down. So we decided to throw an element of chance into the game.

2. Can the Pacman be stopped?
Nope. The Pacman is all-powerful. Do not disturb the Pacman or you will suffer.

3. Can I leave in the middle of a game and retain my position?
Yes. If you leave and return within the same day, your position and all the boxes you've taken over will be saved. If you login the next day it'll reset.

4. What if my connection breaks during the game?
If your connection breaks while choosing a square your position will be saved and nothing bad will happen. However, if your connection breaks while answering a question, you will be counted wrong and the next time you login it will show you losing the square you were trying to takeover. This is so people don't quit out of the game after seeing a question then try to reenter and answer it after they've found the answer.

5. When do scores reset?
Scores accumulate during the week and reset each Monday.

6. How come I can only play once a day?
Well, first off we'd run out of questions if you played dozens of times a day...soon you'll have repeat questions and the game will become boring. We hope to institute multiple games in one day when we build up our trivia database. Until then you can login under another name and play again, but the questions will be the same.

7. Is this game multiplayer?
We're trying to work out some logistical concerns and hopefully Takeover 2.0 will be multiplayer.

8. Hey! I was about to win when the Pacman appeared and then it said I lost! No fair!
Tough luck. The Pacman is evil. Don't mess with him.

9. Is grief conselling available for losers of this game?
Sorry, our resident therapist is currently on sabbatical...

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