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The Games of the XIV Winter Olympics, in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, went off without a single problem (i.e. no political intervention). Vucko, the official mascot of the Olympics, was on hand to welcome the 1,500+ athletes from 49 countries. The Games ran from February 7th through the 19th.

10-km: Eirik Kvalfoss, Norway
20-km: Peter Angerer, W. Germany
30-km Relay: U.S.S.R.

Two-Man: East Germany
Four-Man: East Germany

Team: U.S.S.R.

Men's Singles: Paul Hildgartner, Italy
Women's Singles: Steffi Martin, East Germany
Men's Doubles: West Germany

Figure Skating
Men's Singles: Scott Hamilton, U.S.
Women's Singles: Katarina Witt, East Germany
Pairs: Elena Vavola/Oleg Vasiliev, U.S.S.R.
Dance: Jayne Torvoll/Christopher Dean, Britain

Speed Skating, Men
500-m: Sergei Fokichev, U.S.S.R.
1,000-m: Gaetan Boucher, Canada
1,500-m: Gaetan Boucher, Canada
5,000-m: Tomas Gustafson, Sweden
10,000-m: Igor Malkov, U.S.S.R.

Speed Skating, Women
500-m: Christa Rothenburger, East Germany
1,000-m: Karin Enke, East Germany
1,500-m: Karin Enke, East Germany
3,000-m: Andrea Schone, East Germany

Alpine Skiing, Men
Downhill: Bill Johnson, U.S.
Giant Slalom: Man Julen, Switzerland
Slalom: Paoletta Magoni, Italy

Alpine Skiing, Women
Downhill: Michele Figini, Switzerland
Giant Slalom: Debbie Armstrong, U.S.
Slalom: Paoletta Magoni, Italy

Nordic Skiing, Men
15-km Cross-Country: Gunde Svan, Sweden
30-km Cross-Country: Nikolai Zimyatov, U.S.S.R.
50-km Cross-Country: Thomas Wassberg, Sweden
40-km Cross-Country Relay: Sweden
70-m Jump: Jens Weissflog, East Germany
90-m Jump: Matti Nykaenen, Finland
Combined: Tom Sandberg, Norway

Nordic Skiing, Women
5-km Cross-Country: Marja-Liisa Hamalainen, Finland
10-km Cross-Country: Marja-Liisa Hamalainen, Finland
20-km Cross-Country: Marja-Liisa Hamalainen, Finland
20-km Cross-Country Relay: Norway

Final Medal Standings
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Soviet Union 6 10 9 25
East Germany 9 9 6 24
Finland 4 3 6 13
Norway 3 2 4 9
United States 4 4 0 8
Sweden 4 2 2 8
Czechoslovakia 0 2 4 6
Switzerland 2 2 1 5
Canada 2 1 1 4
West Germany 2 1 1 4
France 0 0 1 1
Italy 2 0 0 2
Liechtenstein 0 0 2 2
Britain 1 0 0 1
Japan 0 1 0 1
Yugoslavia 0 1 0 1
Austria 0 0 1 1

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