Since the dawn of time, competition has existed. And for thousands of years, the human spirit has thrived on games of skill. In the ancient Greek city-state of Olympia, the most celebrated sporting event in the world today evolved. The Olympic Games came arose from our collective quest to see who best could run, throw, or merely last. The official motto of the Games -- "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (Swifter, Higher, Stronger) -- says it all.

The Olympic Games of the 1980s (1980, 1984, and 1988) showcased some of the finest the world had to offer in sporting competitions. Athletes such as Mary Lou Retton, Carl Lewis, and Nadia Comaneci leapt into our homes and hearts as the world stopped momentarily to watch the festivities.

Political disagreements, however, prevented many great athletes from appearing in both the '80 and '84 Olympics. These competitions were marred by both the United States and the Soviet Union -- the U.S. boycotting the 1980 Summer Games and the Soviets following suit at the 1984 Summer Games. Intended to be a source of universal brotherhood amongst people from all around the globe, the people (especially the athletes) were the ones punished by these entirely political actions... not the opposing governments. It is a shame that the following statistics recorded here in this section of The 80s Server cannot reflect the achievements of those who were not allowed to attend the events they had worked towards their entire lives simply because our leaders couldn't remember the basic tenets of the Olympic Games.

The 1980 Olympics The 1984 Olympics The 1988 Olympics

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