Welcome '80s / Music Fan Clubs V.I.P. Member! Having your own '80s Server e-mail account is simple. Read the information below, follow the simple steps, and before long your '80s e-mail account will be ready to go. Sorry, we cannot support WebTV users at this time.


[email protected] - Setup [email protected] to receive inbound e-mail. This will be your V.I.P. Member name.
No Additional Cost - This service is included with your '80s V.I.P. membership, and there is no additional cost.
Plenty of Storage Space - All '80s e-mail accounts come with a 10 megabyte storage capacity. You can keep as much as 10 megabytes on the server at any time without cleanup. 10 megabytes is equal to hundreds of messages. File attachments are included in this limit.
Get Your E-mail Anywhere! - Your e-mail can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, with just some basic server information and a username and password!

POP3 is a protocol used for pulling mail from a server and delivering it to a client software (your e-mail program). Examples of e-mail clients are Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, and Netscape Messenger. All of these e-mail clients support POP3 and will work with 80s.com e-mail accounts.

Special Note: Soon you will be able to receive and send your 80s.com e-mail account through your web browser without the use of a client.

Need assistance or have a POP3/e-mail question? Just Ask Eddie.

You will need the following information to setup your account information in your e-mail client:


Your Internet Provider's SMTP Server Address
(Example: mail.earthlink.net)
Check your internet provider's website!

Click Here To Create Your '80s E-Mail Account

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