Christmas 1999

Worst Company Christmas Party in the '80s

Alisha from Santa Ana, CA, was still in high school and didn't have a real job, but she did volunteer work at a local nursing home, where the Christmas party got so exciting that "one of the seniors puked and I had to clean it up." Ho ho ho.

Vomit seems to be the overriding cause of a bad time at holiday shindigs. Just as Danchele of University Park, PA ... "I threw up on my boss right after singing karaoke to Cindy Lauper's 'Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun'."

Employees aren't the only ones getting sick at Christmas parties according to Crystal from San Diego. She writes this about her worst Christmas party of the '80s, "It was at Spanky's Restaraunt. My boss threw up on me."

Eve from CE, Maine, "While at another job (at a small company), working as a 'gopher' for people and I was invited to a christmas party and it ended up being at the boss's house. His wife cooked ham and the next day I was absolutely sick, along with everyone else who had eaten it, but none of us would blame the bosses wife's cooking... at least not to her face."

Kristine, Santa Clarita, CA, "I only had one during the 80's, it was at Benihana's. One of my co-worker's husbands started taking Japanese art pieces off the wall, wearing it, and dancing around the table WHILE THE COOK WAS MAKING DINNER! ARGH!"

Kathy from Lake Worth, FL "I was working for a small, family owned restaurant. I didn't get invited to the party, I worked it. I peeled shrimp forever and then got to pick up after the guests (my co-workers). I was the youngest person there, being only 18. It really bit."

Mary from Dallas, Texas "A big fat lady I worked with got drunk and danced every dance with her big fat belly hanging out from under her sequined top.

Terry from Philly, PA "The clothes my boyfriend bought me that either never fit right or were as ugly as sin!!!"

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