Christmas 2000

Your worst company Christmas party in the '80s

Mary from MN had by far the most popular respons: "There was no party."

Elsa in GA had the next runner up with: "No liquor"

Joe from WV said: "Skating rink with cheap food and no booze."

Laurie in Colorado: " They auctioned off a cabbage patch doll and there was a near riot when the boss' wife won the stupid thing."

Christopher from NY: "I made a fool of myself at a company Chrsitmas party trying to impress the girls. Ended up angering all the supervisors at work instead. Circa 1987-88."

Wesley in Ontario Canada replied: "A Christmas party at McDonalds."

Keith from MI: "a 50's sockhop, but everyone wore 80's threads man... it was weak."

Kurt in NJ said: "One where no spouses or dates were allowed... 100 people, 95 of them were guys... the flyer promised 'dancing'!"

Nichole from OR: " I was ten at my mom's station party.. everyobody brought a gift to exchange, and I got to choose for my mom. I picked this large poster that turned out to be a collage of playboy models, ha ha, and one of te dj's brought brownies... I had 4 before my mom found out they were" of the illegal variety.

Laurie in OK: "It was a Duran Duran look alike party... way too much hairspray going on..."

Matt from MO must have hosted this one: "Someone very messed up at the time broke my chandelier in the middle of dinner."

Gabriela from CA had this to say: "My dress looked like it was painted on... what was I thinking???"

Sher in WA said: "dull party, bad music, no food!"

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