Christmas 1999

Your Worst Holiday Present in the '80s

George from Eugene, OR, said "My grandmother bought me a sweater once that said "Special Interest" on it"

Summer from Lawrence, MI, received Avon lip gloss.

Amyellyn from Milwaukee, WI, got "Yahtzee five years in a row at my grandparents' lodge Christmas party."

Have you ever heard of anyone actually getting a chia pet for Christmas? Well that's what Terry from Cokeville, WY, says was her worst Christmas present.

Mary from Kansas City, MO, may actually have gotten an even worse present. She got socks for Christmas!

At least you could wear socks but you probably wouldn't want to be caught dead in what Cyrstal from San Diego got for Christmas one year. She wrote that her worst Christmas present in the '80s was, "A sweater that lit up."

Brandy,from Mixon,TX, tells us that she, "got a backpack that had a big clock on it, so everyone walking behind you had the time".

Eve from Maine. "Actually this is something that was kinda not for me but I ended up opening it. My sister's husband had somehow switched the tags on my sister's and my gifts (they were in the same shaped boxes so I guess the mistake was innocent). But we are there with the whole family and I open my present from him and it's a sexy pair of lingerie. There was a lot of explaining to do, and HE was the most embarrassed because he would actually buy something like that... even for his wife."

Aimee from San Francisco, CA, "Some ugly outfit my aunt got me. Not only was it out of style, it was some hideous color that I just had to burn it in the fireplace. I couldn't even give it away to a homeless person!"

Darien from Norwich, CT, says "purple harem pants".

Scott from Lewistown, PA, says "incredible hulk underwear from my mother".

Joanie from Metairie, Louisiana, got neon socks one year.

Julia from Paragould, Arkansas, says, "I guess that would be the hair cut and perm my mother got for me every year for Christmas ".

Jamie from Seattle, Washington "A shockingly rectangular, neon/lime green canvas dress, with orange & yellow trim"

Kristine from Santa Clarita, CA "Hmmm...I can't think of anything that bad. I guess it would have to be the perfunctory chocolate covered macadamia nuts someone sent from Hawaii."

Gabrielle from Wyandotte, Michigan "A Hello Kitty makeup kit when I was 12. Its hard to imagine since Hello Kitty is so trendy now but back then I was humiliated that someone would give me such a "kiddy" gift 12 years of age. I was already wearing real makeup and this was fake make up --the kind 6 year olds wear to play dress up."

Tricia from Greenville, SC "I'd have to go with those holiday barbies. My mom always had trouble getting me one."

Bob Seattle, WA "Some dumb ornament"

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