Christmas 2000

Worst holiday present in the '80s

Anthony in NY recieved: "underware and socks"

Sarah from BC: "I asked my dad for a "dottie dog" form the "get along gang", he got me a "rubadubdog" bath toy for toddlers. I was like 8!"

Jose in WI: "One year I got a Scooby Doo nightlight, and I have no idea why. I never mentioned liking that show (and I didn't), and then when my friends saw it I caught hell from them - I must've been 10 or so by then."

Todd from IN received: "A yellow dress shirt with butterfly collars."

Patricia from PA: "A Chia pet"

Billy in OK received: "Rock concert - little bitty rocks on a piece of wood with beaty eyes."

Ada in LA had this to say: "My worst gift was a workout suit with leg warmers and being told by my aunt that she thought I could use the workout."

Julie from PA: "A 'homemade' cabbage patch baby. If it ain't the original... don't want it!"

Trace in MA: "A dress that looked like a checkered board table."

Laurie in Colorado received: "An ugly shirt with sequins all over it from my mother!"

Lee S from OK: "A pair of parachute pants that cut off the circulation in my legs."

Michele in OH: "A 'Jem' coloring book."

Christopher from NY: "$200 cash from my sister (guardian) sho said couldn't find the time to shop for me. What a heartbreaker that was."

Ron in TX: "A stupid bow-tie from my grandmother who's fashion sense was still stuck in the 50's."

Betty from IL received: "A sweatshirt with bright colored dalmations all over it."

Keith in MI: "A pet rock."

Amy in NV received: "A New Kid's on th Block towel set from my grandma."

Veronica from WA: "I remember getting a lot of rainbow leg warmers one year with matching sweaters."

Matt in DE: "My worst holiday present in the '80's was monopoly. Not that I didn't enjoy the game, but one year I received the same monopoly game from three different people."

Heather in GA received: "A beret."

Juana in IL said: "A thousand piece puzzle of shoelaces (that thing could drive a sane person crazy=).

Sarah from OR: "A pair of hot pink spandex."

Spanky from AZ: "I got a really ugly pewter necklace with an eagle on it - it looked like something you'd get free with your order from fingerhut!"

Sahar in DC provided our favorite answer: "Teddy Ruxpen. Anyone who has seen poltergeist should know that talking stuffed animals are bad."

Monica in IN had one of the worst with: "Generic shrinky dinks that caught on fire instead of shrinking!"

Halima from PA received: "A pink fur hat with green stripes!"

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