Christmas 1999

The Worst Holiday Toy Craze in the '80s

David from Overland Park, KS, believes Pound Puppies was the worst.

Crispy from Michigan says it was My Little Pony.

Amyellyn from Milwaukee, WI, says the smell from the Strawberry Shortcake dolls made them the worst.

While most everyone else agrees that the Cabbage Patch Doll craze was out of control. Summer from Lawrence, MI, said "What was the big deal? You can buy them for $8 at Meijers." Gardell from Windsor, Ontario, commented "My friend's mom worked at a deparment store and she said that as soon as the dolls were on the shelves, they would be ripped off in a matter of hours. My parents had to get my friend's mom to take one before it even went on the shelf (against store policy) so they could get one for me."

But Alisha from Santa Ana, CA, thinks that the Cabbage Patch Dolls are in a tie with the Rubiks' Cube.

The Cabbage Patch Kids continue to get the most votes in this category. Courtney from Crawfordsville, IN, writes, "Cabbage Patch Kids! More than that the generic Cabbage Patch Kids that were rumored to spontaneously combust!"

Kristine from Santa Clarita, CA, "Without a doubt, Cabbage Patch Dolls. I remember some NFL player offering some outrageous amount of money (at least 5 digits) if someone could find one for him.

James from Lexington, Kentucky, agrees with everyone else. "Cabbage Patch kids. Of course, I was too old for that. I remember Atari 2600 being the rage...and I got it with Space Invaders!!! Now THAT ruled."

Kristine from Santa Clarita, CA, says "Cabbage Patch. It was Christmas and people were almost killng each other to get a doll. That is sad."

Hayley from London says "definately the rubik's cube, that thing drove me crazy, that or cabbage patch dolls"

Vicki from Branford, CT "Rubik's Cube"

Krissy from Chillicothe, OH "Cabbage Patch Kids. You can find those things EVERYWHERE now!"

Kevin from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania "Cabbage Patch Kids"

Elizabeth from Boston, Massachusetts "The worst? Absolutely Cabbage Patch Kids. Yuck."

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