Christmas 2000

The worst holiday toy craze of the '80s

Veronica in WA chose this years all time favorite for worst 80's toy craze. "The worst toy craze was the cabage patch doll! Needles to say, I still have mine (her name is Spring Fran). What a silly must have!"

Paul from WI picked: He-Man

Amylee in TX also chose the Cabbage Patch Dolls: "My mom bought us some, because she thougt they were ugly. Imagine her suprise when she saw women beating each other up for them!"

Patricia from PA: "Chia Pets!"

Willie from KS: "I think the worst was when legos came out."

Mau from MI: The "rubik's cube"

Joyelle in RI picked: "Atari"

Sena in AL: "Smurf's"

Tine from NM chose: "slap bracelets"

Mo from Glasgow, Scotland: "My Little Pony"

Jim from PA: Pogoball

Marcella in WA: Nintendo's

Ron from WV: "Care Bears, Puffalumps, Transformers, etc (all the toys that had cartoons made to sell them)."

Ashley in OH: "The Michael Jackson doll..."

Melanie in MN: "Teddy Ruxpen, or however you spell it. Everyone wanted one so bad."

Meghan from British Colombia: "Malibu Barbie! I was only, like, 3 but I remember that thing..."

Nicole in IL: "The worst holiday toy craze was probably those Pee Wee Herman dolls... Even though I had one, they were still annoying!!"

Jamie in MO: "I think second runner up (to Cabbage Patch Dolls) has to be either the Nintendo power pad or the Waterbaby."

Lakisha from IL: Lite-brights

Keith from WI: "The first Nintendo control decks! I remember dragging my wife around town looking for" them. "Never got it! Boy I missed that "duck hunt"!"

Nick in CA: "Probably slinkys or slap bracelets."

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