Christmas 1999

Worst Holiday Bonus of the '80s

Most people responding to this poll, er, um, pole, were children in the '80s, but for those of us who remember the decade through a haze of oily fry splatter and pizza delivery odor, the worst holiday bonuses were the cheapskate $10 and $25 rewards for a year of hard work.

It's a toss up for who's gotten the worst bonus so far at least. Tom from Queens, NY, says that his worst holiday bonus was stale chocolate!

Another awful Christmas bonus was received by Lynda, from Chicago, who got a candy cane!

For those of us who suffered through working in retail during the holidays, Aimee, from San Francisco, reminds us how bad it was. She says that her worst holiday bonus was, " Having to wake up EARLY for a holiday breakfast BEFORE work. (retail SUXXXS) 1986"
"Not only was the above the worst bonus, but it was our holiday party as well".

Eve from CE, Maine, also was lucky enought to be working in retail. "The boss decided to give us a bonus based on the productivity of that month in each of our departments.. unfortuanately the department I was in at the time was gardening, not much sales are in gardening in december in maine, luckily that was the only year he did that"

Shannon from Tampa, FL wasn't too thrilled with her holiday bonus but it beats most of the ones we've seen. She says "I got a turkey from the grocery store I worked for."

Amy from Warrington, PA says she "Wasnt working full time yet, 89',, I received a turkey from KFC."

Darien from Norwich, CT said "nothing every year - I work for the State of CT"

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